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Music Video Featuring Videos from Occupy 2011

An interesting thing happened back in November – I got a message in my inbox asking if I would be alright with the potential use of my footage in an upcoming music video. I agreed, and recently got a message sharing this:

My footage didn’t make it in – but honestly, that’s fine. I was admitedly a little concerned that this would wind up being something glorifying anarchy – but watch the whole thing, take note of the images we see. Happy protesters, mad protesters, people caught in the middle, calm police, rough housing police, calm protesters, protesters destroying things and being violent. It’s a broad swath of the humanity at play in the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring in the fall of 2011. That and the song -is- good.

These folks were polite enough to approach and ask for permission – and at the end credited ALL contributions! No matter where they’re coming from, these folks deserve a shoutout and respect! Also – the fact that all footage was taken from citizen journalists and folks on the ground like me? Very cool, very awesome, and worthy of applause.

So what do you think? Thought provoking commentary on humanity, or sappy hippy style unicorns and rainbows?

ALSO! There’s a podcast today. On KSDT! Click the tab up above labelled ‘The Invisible Voice’ for more information!

Reclaim CLICS: A Followup Analysis and some Questions.

This is the third article in a series covering my quiet investigation and monitoring of the goings-on at CLICS, a former library on campus that has been taken over by a group of leftist UCSD students. You can find the other parts below:

What came of my investigation? Find out after the jump!

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CLICS and UCSD: Investigating Reclaim CLICS

This is going to be a quick post informing you guys of something I’m actively working on right now as well as to serve as a small statement of intent before I go cavorting off to attempt citizen journalism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t to peek at my article about the break in at CLICS. Things have changed since that writing (1/11/12) and given that the occupy movement is liable to attempt a surge in the Spring, I think it’s important to at least keep tabs on what they’re doing at a major, public university

More after the jump.

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Hey, Haven’t we Seen Her Before? Occupy SD Kicked off Texas Bus

So remember back in November/Octoberish when that woman from Occupy San Diego punched the camera out of that one lady’s hands? That incident sparked off the whole “debate” with drysift!

I do believe we have stumbled into her once again, tied into a story about a small contingent of occupiers getting kicked off a greyhound bus. Links and a little discussion…After the jump.

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A Closing of the drysift Saga

Alright, this post has been long in coming, primarily because I’ve been a busy guy the past while. This topic deserves some kind of closer before I move on, considering the volume of traffic it generated and the strong feelings at play.

After the jump, I’ll throw up the links to the whole darn thing, as well as my articles on Occupy before my commentary. Those who are well and truly -done- with it all – never fear! You don’t have to hit ‘read more’.

There was also a show last night! I had fun, as did the 21 folks listening live. Many thanks to them!

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Regarding the “Debate” With Drysift

As all of my readers know, I cannot go. The poll will be closed shortly, and the results are a very conclusive ‘respond first you derp’.

My last message to drysift before explaining my tactics and moving on is after the jump. If you are interested in watching the spectacle unfold, visit at 7pm Pacific time and get some popcorn. I predict much whining.

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Response to an Occupy Sympathizer – PART THREE

[UPDATE 11/20/2011] New arrivals – please visit this story!  it details the incidents of occupy so far that I will put up in my next post that is CURRENTLY in progress! Thanks!


My initial impression of occupy. Please read!

Sneak peek of the photos I will use next post – occupy San Diego’s current presence. Quite small.


Part 1

Part 2

What’s this? A twist?

“More bias. Blocked. I’ll be in @ 7pm on Monday. Lets see how many people you can get to meet there.”

No, drysift, I’m not going to roll unless enough of my audience wants me to. I’ve brought up my concerns, fleshed them out in agonizing detail, and you’re leaving it all hanging unchallenged. Not only that – but you name a time and place – without even checking to see if I am able to go! Are you maximizing my chance of not being able to show, drysift, so that you can claim an empty victory?

My audience are free to go. I won’t encourage them to because I am willing to bet good money that it will just descend into a flame war – know this ahead of time folks. It’s your choice and yours alone.

So, audience – what do you think? I think it’s time for some direct democracy!

[UPDATE] This is what democracy looks like! The majority, 4 voters, felt drysift needs to respond to my rebuttals like any serious debater would. Thanks folks for putting up with this exercise in Drama. I promise we’ll be moving on shortly.

Responding to an Occupy Sympathizer Part 2


First part of this series can be found here

So! As stated earlier, drysift got back to me. If you haven’t read the first part, please do so – otherwise, if you enjoy things being way out of context or you’ve already caught up, the reply and my rebuttal can be found after the jump. Before I go further, a quick disclaimer: I know this person is not the entire Occupy movement, and I would -love- to speak to an Occupy San Diego person especially regarding some of my issues. As long as that person doesn’t behave like drysift here.

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An Open Response to an Occupy San Diego Sympathizer

No-one responded to my question about whether or not to respond openly to a pm I got – so I decided to go do it anyways! Below is the message in full. I understand it’s a busy week for everybody – but all the same I hope I get you folks on the weekend. The video in question is linked in my previous post

Quick note to site newbies, please read the about tab before jumping to conclusions about how I tick, kay?

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