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California 2008 Numbered Propositions Results

Since they have been so hard to find, I will put these up for easy viewing.

California 2008 General Election Propositions

Prop 1A (High speed rail): YES
Meh. Fine, it passed. At least it’s mostly funded by private industry, but keep an eye on it. We don’t want it to become another Big Dig (boston).

Prop 2 (Humane Treatement of Farm Animals): YES
Nice to see this one pass. And you got 7 years to get ready farms. Not that bad.

Prop 3 (Children’s Hospital Bonds): YES
Disappointed. The Children’s hospitals have always spent their money recklessly and asked tax payers to bail them out. They need to be held accountable at some point.

Prop 4 (Parental Notification of Minor’s Abortion): NO
Another disappointment. If she is a minor this decision is too important to be left solely in her hands. Her family deserves to know – the majority of cases are not abusive families, and this prop had protections.

Prop 5 (Non-violent Drug offender early release & Parole): NO
Glad to see this fall. It needs refinement, as worded it was too open to exploitation.

Prop 6 (Police funding): NO
Another plus. This sort of budgeting should not be in the hands of voters.

Prop 7(Money for Renewable Power): NO
It was a scam, and voters didn’t fall for it. Very positive.

Prop 8(Gay Marriage Ban): YES
This represents a return to 2000. From here, we need to make a solid compromise: Keep marriage as it’s own, and make a standard for gay unions, with it’s own title, and the same benefits. This way everybody’s happy.

Prop 9(Crime Victim’s rights): YES
Bad. This one was redundant and has now added a lot of lawyer speak to the constitution. Very exploitable.

Prop 10(Other Energy Bill): NO
Soundly defeated. Another energy scam that didn’t deserve passage – there’s better ways.

Prop 11(State Legislature Independent Redistricting): YES
Very good. While far from a perfect solution, it was imperative that we get the state legislature district drawing out of their hands. When they failed as badly as they did last budget round, they should NOT be allowed to draw their own election districts which would stand for 10 more years.

Prop 12(Home loans for Veterans): YES
Neutral. While I have concerns for the veterans who may be vulnerable with these loans, and I think that this could’ve been done better, it’s a positive for them. They need all the help they can get and I’m willing to cede that.