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Critiquing Articles: Raw Markups of a Biased Salon Piece

By request, and since I need to tide you people over with SOMETHING that counts as actual content – observe my note taking process wrought on a poor, unsuspecting terrible bad Salon piece:

My actual analysis is due later this weekend. Enjoy! And yes, I am repeating this process on the SOTU. All 30 pages of it.

NOTE: These are rough and dirty photos crunched by wordpress to be almost unreadable in places :(. Cleaner scans will be presented in my analysis on Sunday!

CLICS and UCSD: Investigating Reclaim CLICS

This is going to be a quick post informing you guys of something I’m actively working on right now as well as to serve as a small statement of intent before I go cavorting off to attempt citizen journalism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t to peek at my article about the break in at CLICS. Things have changed since that writing (1/11/12) and given that the occupy movement is liable to attempt a surge in the Spring, I think it’s important to at least keep tabs on what they’re doing at a major, public university

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