Music Video Featuring Videos from Occupy 2011

An interesting thing happened back in November – I got a message in my inbox asking if I would be alright with the potential use of my footage in an upcoming music video. I agreed, and recently got a message sharing this:

My footage didn’t make it in – but honestly, that’s fine. I was admitedly a little concerned that this would wind up being something glorifying anarchy – but watch the whole thing, take note of the images we see. Happy protesters, mad protesters, people caught in the middle, calm police, rough housing police, calm protesters, protesters destroying things and being violent. It’s a broad swath of the humanity at play in the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring in the fall of 2011. That and the song -is- good.

These folks were polite enough to approach and ask for permission – and at the end credited ALL contributions! No matter where they’re coming from, these folks deserve a shoutout and respect! Also – the fact that all footage was taken from citizen journalists and folks on the ground like me? Very cool, very awesome, and worthy of applause.

So what do you think? Thought provoking commentary on humanity, or sappy hippy style unicorns and rainbows?

ALSO! There’s a podcast today. On KSDT! Click the tab up above labelled ‘The Invisible Voice’ for more information!

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