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TheDougem covering Occupy San Diego

Independent Conservative, keen observer of politics and news, amateur podcaster, vlogger, and former gaming streamer.

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My Philosophy

As simply as I can possibly state it:

  • Strong fiscal conservative.
  • The US government at high levels is deeply corrupt and suspect.
  • The major political parties game the system and promote crony capitalism, a perversion of free market principles.
  • The political class is not acting in the best interests of the US citizen, but instead of themselves and those who donated to their campaigns.
  • Progressivism as an ideology is a failure and used as an excuse to promote big-government, and has infected the establishment of both main parties.
  • Political discussion should be civil, rational, and solutions-oriented. Name calling and shouting get us nowhere.
  • Government must be transparent and accountable.
  • Social issues  should take second fiddle to the economy and corruption. Major social agendas or changes at this time are at best distractions, and at worst highly temporary owing to national financial instability.
  • We must not lose sight of the Bill of Rights or the principals of the constitution.
I welcome debate and criticism whole-heartedly. Please be respectful, and I will extend the same respect and courtesy to you 🙂
My Pledge
  • I denounce violence, regardless of ideological motivation.
  • I denounce anyone, from the Left, the Right or middle, who believes physical violence is the answer to whatever they feel is wrong with our country.
  • I denounce those who wish to tear down our system and rebuild it in their own image, whatever that image may be.
  • I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle, who call for riots and violence as an opportunity to bring down and reconstruct our system.
  • I denounce violent threats and calls for the destruction of our system – regardless of their underlying ideology – whether they come from the Hutaree Militia or Frances Fox Piven.
  • I hold those responsible for the violence, responsible for the violence.  I denounce those who attempt to blame political opponents for the acts of madmen.
  • I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle that sees violence as a viable alternative to our long established system of change made within the constraints of our constitutional Republic.

This pledge is courtesy of Glenn Beck, dating from January 10th, 2011.

Why am I The Skeptic Conservative? I’m tired of the establishment, on both sides – especially the GOP! I am an enthusiastic tea party supporter and feel that serious solutions need to start at the local level and build from there.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Good overview of conflict and issues. would that the world at large would admit that unanswered rocket attacks are intenable.
    [This comment was intended for one of my Israel monologues -Doug]


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