Hey, Haven’t we Seen Her Before? Occupy SD Kicked off Texas Bus

So remember back in November/Octoberish when that woman from Occupy San Diego punched the camera out of that one lady’s hands? That incident sparked off the whole “debate” with drysift!

I do believe we have stumbled into her once again, tied into a story about a small contingent of occupiers getting kicked off a greyhound bus. Links and a little discussion…After the jump.

Talk about something that took me by surprise. I’m glad I wasn’t just listening to the news report as I’m prone to do, otherwise I wouldn’t have caught this.

Before we get further, here’s two focused reports courtesy of the Blaze comparing the two incidents.

Tea Partier punched at Occupy San Diego

Occupy San Diego Group Kicked off Amarillo (TX) Bus

(for second link, she pops up about 20 seconds in on the first linked video clip from the local news station.)


Keep that in the back of your mind as we dissect this incident in Texas.

We have a contingent of Occupy San Diego who were travelling to Washington DC via bus, and were kicked off said bus in Amarillo after some kind of incident. The stories we’re seeing are leaning -very- heavily in the “It was HATE and DISCRIMINATION that got us kicked off the bus by the evil bad bus driver!” We also see on that lovely site Obrag, arguably one of the major pushers behind the founding of Occupy San Diego, (and a constant shill for them as seen by the San Diego tab), a rather biased report that wastes no time in naming the bus driver, and paints him in a very bad light.

Now, this all COULD be a true, authentically bad situation of political discrimination – but one has to keep in mind several points –

  1. The Obrag is heavily sympathetic towards Occupy San Diego, and helped found the movement
  2. The whole push behind this story is a media blitz and character attack (via obrag, not the blaze), as opposed to a ‘let’s wait to hear from the police before commenting’ as is typical in incidents like this.
  3. The woman I recognized (and I’m 95% certain it’s her) has been known to lash out violently while with Occupy San Diego
  4. Occupy San Diego has a reputation of attracting belligerent, pushy, noisy people to their cause, as does the greater Occupy Movement.

What am I trying to say? That there is -very- likely more to the story then we’re hearing in this initial news blitz. We have biased sources heavily pushing their side of the story while keeping mum about any possible justifiable action on the part of the bus driver, and several charged jabs being thrown towards the bus driver. This is a deliberate strategy to discredit and belittle him early on so that the public will not take anything he or his company says seriously.

I would argue there is reasonable doubt that Occupy was the victim in this incident. It’s possible that they did something to provoke tensions on the bus, and it IS within the bus driver’s right to refuse service, especially when based from feedback from his company and if he feels his other passengers are being inconvenienced. We know a few things from the story –

  1. The bus driver called police
  2. The bus driver possibly also called his boss
  3. The bus driver consulted with the police before taking major action

That means there’s not only a police tape of that call, but there will be a police incident report and followup regarding the incident. I say – let’s wait until we hear more about this from the police, and let’s see if any video and corroborating reports surface before we rush to pass judgement on any group.

So we have two likely scenarios:

  1. The occupiers were thrown off the bus because of their political beliefs and the driver was in the wrong.
  2. The bus driver threw the occupiers off the bus because they did something to spark an incident that the driver felt was detrimental to the other passengers, and the occupiers were at fault.

If there’s a follow up – and there may not be – I’ll let you folks know. I’ll just quietly say – I’m more inclined to think it was the latter instead of the former, given the occupy lady’s history that we’ve already seen.

What do you all think?


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2 Responses to “Hey, Haven’t we Seen Her Before? Occupy SD Kicked off Texas Bus”

  1. That connection between the person who punched the tea partier and the person kicked off the bus is slim. I think the actual percentage is more like 10%. The face is completely different.

    • I’ll leave it very open that I could be wrong here. In my untrained eyes, they at least look similar or related – but I could be very. -very- wrong. Maybe all that hate filled vitrolic rhetoric I spew every friday is blinding my very eyesight with pure HATE!

      At the end of the day – they were both from the same group, and the tea partier puncher is far from the only naughty Occupy SDer out there.

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