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Spring Cleaning Complete


I spent today skimming through every single post on this site. Fun times.

I trashed a sparing few, discarded all drafts, and applied some polish here and there. This wasn’t a -complete- spring cleaning; I haven’t caught all dead links (though I did get a few) but it’s what needed to get done. Excerpts for each post is something I really should do but is not worth my time at the moment. (it’s a wordpress thing).

But it’s done for now. Without getting into too much detail, I’ve been given a rather compelling reason to resume activities on this blog and they orient around something I may possibly doing every Tuesday at a certain time in the afternoon for an hour involving the spoken word. No, it’s not the revival of the Invisible Voice but it is something I’m going to be excited to tell you lot about once I am able to.

I also have a very serious question to ask directed at the long time listeners and readers of mine.

I could use, but do not -need- a small amount of seed money. To make a long story short I have positioned myself so that I can break-even budget-wise and largely I’ve succeeded. My side project however changes things just a little, and while I expect to do fine long run — in the short term I’m going to have to play my cards very close to my chest to make it through.

I know that in the past some have expressed discomfort with the paypal donation button — and for the time being, that button is gone. I’m toying with the idea of a very small scale kickstarter (goal $100-$300) to help step around those concerns and have a little fun and practice with fundraising. I don’t entirely expect such a thing to succeed or raise a substantial amount, and that’s fine. I merely could use a little push to get me started.

The donation button will return, I need to settle a few things with paypal first.

I will extend details once I can — I hate playing coy, and I -really- hate asking for money. Just consider this me gauging interest with the expectation of getting nothing.

In terms of actual content, I will be recording a quick-take tomorrow afternoon. The first person to suggest a topic via the comments will likely have theirs selected for me to take to pieces, with the goal of a 20 to 30 minute segment.

Also, it has literally been years since I’ve touched livestreaming. Any quick opinions on which websites these days offer the best streaming service are welcome!

Critiquing Articles: Raw Markups of a Biased Salon Piece

By request, and since I need to tide you people over with SOMETHING that counts as actual content – observe my note taking process wrought on a poor, unsuspecting terrible bad Salon piece:

My actual analysis is due later this weekend. Enjoy! And yes, I am repeating this process on the SOTU. All 30 pages of it.

NOTE: These are rough and dirty photos crunched by wordpress to be almost unreadable in places :(. Cleaner scans will be presented in my analysis on Sunday!

Skeptic Conservative Going on Strike Against SOPA

((The protest is over, but the issue is not! Bill comes to a vote on the 24th!))

You can officially consider the Skeptic Conservative, Imperial-Gaming, and Totalwartracker to be endorsing the protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act as well as the Protect Intellectual Property Act currently threatening to make their way through congress.

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Caller Followup for Skeptic Conservative Podcast 1/13/12 – Ultra Orthodox Jews

Sorry this took a little longer then anticipated, and it may not be the most complete response but at least everybody will know my stance on this.

This is in response to a call from Observer92, a long time listener and follower who was talking about the potential for the Ultra-Orthodox jews to gain power and influence in Israel in the coming year, as part of the official predictions show. (The compilation of which I’m also working on now)

You can listen to the show HERE! My response and thoughts after the jump.

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Caller-Clarifications for Skeptic Conservative 1/6/2012

As I had a sudden influx of fresh faces on last night’s show, a few things were brought up – by one caller particularly – that I felt required further expansion on the blog. That’s why it’s here folks, and I want to continue to foster an air of discussion!

As a general note I’m going to try very hard to address all caller’s questions to the best of my ability on the blog if I feel like I didn’t do the question justice in show. Callers and listeners are encouraged to check in on these posts and ask further questions if needed.

Listen to the show here. More after the jump.

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Discussion Followup: Looking Ahead at 2012

I’ve already related and rambled my thoughts – on a bus, no less! But you folks deserve a bit more and I did say I would share your responses below.

I -do- listen folks! It’s up to you to reach out and comment or email me if you want your voice to be heard here!

Doom, gloom, nuclear apocalypse and genocide await after the jump…

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