CLICS and UCSD: Investigating Reclaim CLICS

This is going to be a quick post informing you guys of something I’m actively working on right now as well as to serve as a small statement of intent before I go cavorting off to attempt citizen journalism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t to peek at my article about the break in at CLICS. Things have changed since that writing (1/11/12) and given that the occupy movement is liable to attempt a surge in the Spring, I think it’s important to at least keep tabs on what they’re doing at a major, public university

More after the jump.

Here is the only surviving media story that I can find that cover the break-in at CLICS, coming from the campus newspaper and presenting a very sanitized version of events.

I made the case in the previous article that something very different then simply ‘poor failing students needing study space’ happened, and presented photographic evidence of leftist propaganda being presented on campus property. Nutshell, the University condoned this behavior, waved off the police, and de facto supported the message that was presented on the library. The occupiers themselves were not wanting to be photographed. This all occured during Finals week, at a time when the campus population at large was highly distracted.

Since then, starting Week one, CLICS remains open and ‘manned’ by this same group. From Weeks one to two, the library was largely ‘clean’ and free of all political messaging. This has changed, and I now have photographic evidence that political dogma is once again being presented on campus property with the University’s quiet approval.

An event known as “Radical Rush Week” has been advertised in CLICS starting the latter part of week two until the present (mid week 3), where left leaning campus activists emulate Greek (frats) recruiting tactics to try to draw supporters to their cause. One of these events discusses a potentially inflammatory topic that is occuring later tonight. I’ll be attending – barring unforeseen circumstances or potential complications I’ll discuss in a second – in order to establish how far this message is going to go.

Why am I putting so much effort into this little research crusade of mine?

1) The narrative surrounding the ongoing occupation of CLICS is misleading and dishonest.

2) If a political advocacy group intends to take over abandoned campus space for free in order to recruit for their cause they should be open and upfront about it. The community guidelines poster returned this week that continues to have the rule encouraging users of the library to Not cooperate with the media, police, or campus officials.

3) While the library is being maintained by this advocacy group, the university encurs fees related to broader building maintainence, electricity and internet bills, etc. now that a once closed library is now partially functional.

4) The University continues to endorse this occupation and is effectively enabling the money of their students to go towards a politically radical cause.

I have disagreements with the Occupy Movement. I am still willing to debate and listen to their case – but my respect for them wanes considerably when they seem so fond of scuttling away into the darkest corners they can find in response to criticism. Their hostility towards scrutiny continues to tell me that they are wanting to hide their real motives.

I also greatly resent their attitude that they are entitled to occupy free space on campus and lie about their intentions to the public.

In regards to potential complications at the event tonight —

I have scrounged campus for postings of this event. The only ones I can find are in CLICS itself. This makes me suspect they are targetting a very specific group and do not want the broader campus population to hear of this event. It’s also sponsored by a politicaly radical (and new!) group on campus.

It’s possible that I may not be able to quietly blend in and observe without drawing attention to myself. Why is that a problem? I’m not aiming to directly confront or disrupt. I am seeking to behave as a concerned citizen worried about what kind of political messages the university is de-facto endorsing. I wish to respect their free speech rights and if any action is to be taken, I would favor it going through official channels as oppossed to some sort of ‘revenge’ protesting.

Also, in the past, the Occupy Movement has proven hostile to oppossing viewpoints, particularly political conservatives. I am ever mindful of this, and because part of my case is that this group is tied in with the broader Occupy Movement, my concerns extend to them.

Later tonight I’ll unveil what this event is, the backers, and the groups that are linked to Reclaim CLICS. I respectfully ask any readers who already do know to hold their piece until 7pm Pacfic time.

Why tell you guys a whole lot of nothing? TLDR; I’m covering my butt and letting everyone know before the fact, in case SOMETHING happens (which I doubt it will) what my intentions are: to quietly observe, listen, and maybe record, and absolutely nothing else. I did something similar before the inaugural march of Occupy San Diego.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and I’ll fill in the gaps later tonight!

UPDATE: NOTHING HAPPENED. The UCSD Socialists failed to get the room they “booked”. More later.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy brain anuerisms, have “fun” reading this smarmy editorial from Salon concerning the debate over entitlement reform and those dirty dirty evil conservaties. I’ll be posting a short rebuttal later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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