Skeptic Conservative Podcast

This blog is a companion to the Skeptic Conservative Podcast, what was once a two hour show that broadcasted live on Blog Talk Radio on Friday nights. Time does vary.

The show is done in an improv format, with rough planning leading up backed up by extensive following of day to day events. I am rediscovering the format I wish to use, so bear with me.

This show seeks to analyze the big events of the week and try to explain them from an independent conservative perspective. It’s not about bashing Obama or democrats (or Trump!), it’s about holding our leaders accountable and just trying to plain understand how things work in Washington.

Questions encouraged, constructive criticism welcome.


This page is a stub, because TheDougem is a bum and hasn’t taken the time to flesh it out yet because he’s a real jerk. And still is, ten years later.

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