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Reclaim CLICS: A Followup Analysis and some Questions.

This is the third article in a series covering my quiet investigation and monitoring of the goings-on at CLICS, a former library on campus that has been taken over by a group of leftist UCSD students. You can find the other parts below:

What came of my investigation? Find out after the jump!

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CLICS and UCSD: Investigating Reclaim CLICS

This is going to be a quick post informing you guys of something I’m actively working on right now as well as to serve as a small statement of intent before I go cavorting off to attempt citizen journalism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t to peek at my article about the break in at CLICS. Things have changed since that writing (1/11/12) and given that the occupy movement is liable to attempt a surge in the Spring, I think it’s important to at least keep tabs on what they’re doing at a major, public university

More after the jump.

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UCSD – CLICS Break-in: A Story Untold

Wow, did this vanish off the radar quickly.

Folks, before I get into this –

1) This is not meant to be a hit piece on those behind the break in, it’s to cover discrepencies in reporting that I noticed at the time more than anything else, in the interest of giving folks a broader view of the full situation.

2) I failed in my editorial duties to you, my audience, by not publishing SOMETHING at the time and capturing relevant story links for you. As of this writing, it is very difficult to find any kind of reporting -at all!- So you will have to forgive me relying on a ton of hear-say.

3) I regret not having investigated this more aggressively but what’s done is done.

So what do I have to say about the break-in to CLICS during UCSD’s finals week, and the coverage of said event? Find out after the jump!

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Responding to an Occupy Sympathizer Part 2


First part of this series can be found here

So! As stated earlier, drysift got back to me. If you haven’t read the first part, please do so – otherwise, if you enjoy things being way out of context or you’ve already caught up, the reply and my rebuttal can be found after the jump. Before I go further, a quick disclaimer: I know this person is not the entire Occupy movement, and I would -love- to speak to an Occupy San Diego person especially regarding some of my issues. As long as that person doesn’t behave like drysift here.

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Quick Update: A List of Demands?

A potential list of demands for the occupy movement has finally presented itself. I’m still working on a post covering my overall thoughts – this will have some effect, but my main points of contention remain. Here it is, for those of you inclined to peek at it – I’ll pick it apart in detail later today/as I have time to do so!

The living, breathing manifesto 

This is a constantly adapting document – and it’s a meaty one. I’ll explain more in detail, but my immediate thoughts –

  1. This seems like a lot of policy, very quickly
  2. Many of the issues are overtly partisan
  3. Explanations of propositions are simplistic and full contextual links are not always provided
  4. Too many issues at once risks alienating potential supporters more then it will attract them
  5. A significant portion of the movement feels that publishing any demands is wrong, and it speaks volumes of their motives
It’s important to note that this isn’t an “Official” policy brief. It’s the closest thing the movement has to one, however.



Quick Update – Plans for a Follow up on Occupy San Diego

Something I was considering from the start, and that has been given validity in my mind owing to feedback from a number of friends –

I fully intend to return to Occupy San Diego after they’ve had a full week to come up with an agenda and message. I’ve expressed a number of concerns regarding them and the national movement – will these concerns ring true or will will they be temporary and fleeting in nature like what usually happens with the ‘professional protesters’ that love to try to steal and hijack protests?

Update [10/14/2011]: The plans got disrupted! Hit ‘Read more’ for…more!

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Occupy San Diego Day One Photodump

Here you go. Editorial comments come later – for now, enjoy, comment, and help me identify the signs.

First Camera

Second Camera  

NOTE: There is a metric crap ton (~120) photos in there! If you have any comments – ANY comments – I would love to hear them 🙂 I’m still working on my analysis essay – I’m really taking the time to think it through. It’s going to be thorough. If you have any questions or things you’d like me to address, please clue me in on twitter, youtube..or here! Thank you. -Doug




Quick Update on Coverage of Occupy San Diego

Well that was a wild ride!

I just got back from the protests, and I took just over a gigabyte of photos and video. And of course, I didn’t take my transfer cord with me when I hoofed it to the Star Bucks in La Jolla.

I’ll fetch it and start uploading photos in about two hours. I need warm food, hot coffee, and a breather. It was a bit wild.

Quick thoughts: I would guestimate a presence of about 500, 800 people. I’m no good at gauging these things, so I would invite you folks to do so. They were enough to fill the street of about one city block in down town San Diego.

A -lot- of lefties. I saw anarchists, the Green Party, labor unions, end the fed people, Anti war protestors, and more then a few Guy Fawkes masks. The crowd was mostly college aged people, but there was a significant old hipster movement.

Chants I heard that stick out – “This is what democracy looks like” “We are the 99%” “End the Fed”, etc.

Thank you for your patience folks! I know I’m dumb for not being able to upload a darn thing right now.

Note to readers- I was there from 3:30 to roughly 5pm. I booked it as soon as Civic center plaza was occupied.

UPDATE: Pictures! Context pending.

Update: and a video!

Occupy San Diego Coverage – the Plan

Today I am going to downtown San Diego in order to document the sympathy occupy wall street protest that is planned for today, October 7th, at 4:30 pm. I will be there for roughly two to three hours with the intention to take photos and possibly video in the role of an outside observer.

Full disclosure: I am a tea party sympathizer and a independent minded conservative. However- today I will be an observer and attempt to provide broad, contextual coverage of events as they take place. I am not attending to incite or to provoke, but instead to answer some questions:

  • Who is behind the event?
  • Who will actually attend? (in broad terms, not specific persons)
  • How many will attend?
  • What will be the agreed upon central message?
  • Will the protesters be civil?
I encourage people who wish to protest to do so, and celebrate the exercising of their constitutional rights. That said, effective protesters are the ones who are non violent, rational, and respectful in expressing their views. I sincerely hope that today’s protests live up to these expectations.