Quick Update – Plans for a Follow up on Occupy San Diego

Something I was considering from the start, and that has been given validity in my mind owing to feedback from a number of friends –

I fully intend to return to Occupy San Diego after they’ve had a full week to come up with an agenda and message. I’ve expressed a number of concerns regarding them and the national movement – will these concerns ring true or will will they be temporary and fleeting in nature like what usually happens with the ‘professional protesters’ that love to try to steal and hijack protests?

Update [10/14/2011]: The plans got disrupted! Hit ‘Read more’ for…more!

What questions do you want me to ask?

Of course, I’ll have my own to raise, and I will -try- to be fair, but if you the reader want me to address something specific, say so! I’ll update this post as they roll in, and once I iron down what mine will be.

The plan is to go down with a friend, a tripod, and a camera, and do some good old fashioned recorded, raw interviews. As is the theme with my reporting, you folks will get -all- the raw photos and clips so that you see what I see. The rough goal is not to try to get gotcha clips – but to approach in a friendly manner, inquire as to where I can find their leader or council, and go from there, attempting to identify the ‘theme’.

Anti capitalism reigned on day one, yet a number of End the Fed signs were present. Will those folks have won the day?

Update [10/14/2011]: Dang darn dangit darn DANG! The police kicked ’em out. I would presume that attempting to interview protesters fresh from police confrontation would be a bad idea, so I’m going to wait a few days. ALSO – a reminder to all that I kindly ask you look at my editorial I posted earlier this week on my feelings about the protesters. Some people are assuming that I’m swallowing the standard ‘right wing’ criticism message hook line and sinker. ITS MORE COMPLEX THEN THAT! 😀

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