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Quick Update on Coverage of Occupy San Diego

Well that was a wild ride!

I just got back from the protests, and I took just over a gigabyte of photos and video. And of course, I didn’t take my transfer cord with me when I hoofed it to the Star Bucks in La Jolla.

I’ll fetch it and start uploading photos in about two hours. I need warm food, hot coffee, and a breather. It was a bit wild.

Quick thoughts: I would guestimate a presence of about 500, 800 people. I’m no good at gauging these things, so I would invite you folks to do so. They were enough to fill the street of about one city block in down town San Diego.

A -lot- of lefties. I saw anarchists, the Green Party, labor unions, end the fed people, Anti war protestors, and more then a few Guy Fawkes masks. The crowd was mostly college aged people, but there was a significant old hipster movement.

Chants I heard that stick out – “This is what democracy looks like” “We are the 99%” “End the Fed”, etc.

Thank you for your patience folks! I know I’m dumb for not being able to upload a darn thing right now.

Note to readers- I was there from 3:30 to roughly 5pm. I booked it as soon as Civic center plaza was occupied.

UPDATE: Pictures! Context pending.

Update: and a video!

Occupy San Diego Coverage – the Plan

Today I am going to downtown San Diego in order to document the sympathy occupy wall street protest that is planned for today, October 7th, at 4:30 pm. I will be there for roughly two to three hours with the intention to take photos and possibly video in the role of an outside observer.

Full disclosure: I am a tea party sympathizer and a independent minded conservative. However- today I will be an observer and attempt to provide broad, contextual coverage of events as they take place. I am not attending to incite or to provoke, but instead to answer some questions:

  • Who is behind the event?
  • Who will actually attend? (in broad terms, not specific persons)
  • How many will attend?
  • What will be the agreed upon central message?
  • Will the protesters be civil?
I encourage people who wish to protest to do so, and celebrate the exercising of their constitutional rights. That said, effective protesters are the ones who are non violent, rational, and respectful in expressing their views. I sincerely hope that today’s protests live up to these expectations.