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Quick Update on Coverage of Occupy San Diego

Well that was a wild ride!

I just got back from the protests, and I took just over a gigabyte of photos and video. And of course, I didn’t take my transfer cord with me when I hoofed it to the Star Bucks in La Jolla.

I’ll fetch it and start uploading photos in about two hours. I need warm food, hot coffee, and a breather. It was a bit wild.

Quick thoughts: I would guestimate a presence of about 500, 800 people. I’m no good at gauging these things, so I would invite you folks to do so. They were enough to fill the street of about one city block in down town San Diego.

A -lot- of lefties. I saw anarchists, the Green Party, labor unions, end the fed people, Anti war protestors, and more then a few Guy Fawkes masks. The crowd was mostly college aged people, but there was a significant old hipster movement.

Chants I heard that stick out – “This is what democracy looks like” “We are the 99%” “End the Fed”, etc.

Thank you for your patience folks! I know I’m dumb for not being able to upload a darn thing right now.

Note to readers- I was there from 3:30 to roughly 5pm. I booked it as soon as Civic center plaza was occupied.

UPDATE: Pictures! Context pending.

Update: and a video!