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Announcing: The Invisible Voice


I know, I’m a terrible person.

This should help me start on the path of redemption, however.

I am running a one hour friday afternoon broadcast from 4pm to 5pm on KSDT, UCSD’s campus radio station (that isn’t really a radio station). I’ve been spending the past month getting mentally ready and psyched, and as usual – utterly burying myself in the news and reading several books. The first broadcast will be this friday! And turn-around on the show -should- be very quick.

This show is meant to appeal to a broader audience – it will be a lot like Skeptic Conservative but this time, with a pair of co-hosts and a sprinkling of professional production – and a broader reach!

Yet another step on my path towards becoming a better broadcaster. Since the show is an hour shorter then anticipated (I wanted a two hour slot), Skeptic Conservative -will- continue and it’s possible – depending upon how my colleagues feel – that either we see a few fresh faces on the podcast OR we’ll do a side supplemental show to the primary internet stream.

I am very excited to get this project rolling, and I’ll share more information as the week goes by. You all are, of course, invited to listen in to the internet stream on Friday, and I’m still in the midst of figuring out the best way to get folks to participate before, during, and after the show.

In Sum, the major goals of this whole deal are:

  • Coordinate a small team to produce a short show
  • Get practice doing pre and post show meetings
  • Rapid turn around of recorded broadcasts to youtube and the internets
  • More On Air experience with a (used to be) legit station (resume boosters!)
  • Improving my monologuing skills by encouraging my cohosts to throw things at me every time I make a mistake. (Filler words, run on sentences, failing to remember names, mispronunciatons, spoonerisms, and more)

Hiatus Lifting (Hopefully)

Because I’m a lazy jerk, I recorded a video.


  • Articles resuming monday
  • Podcast this week Friday or sooner
  • Stuff
  • Donation button

I’ll address questions and stuff on that video and here. Now have a ridiculous photo of flufferton. Hope ya’all had a good weekend!

Flufferton channels monorail cat

Temporary Hiatus: Midterms, papers, and Illness (Update)

I hate doing this.

It’s been long enough without new content and not only have I been busy, my voice has been savaged by allergies and more recently a nasty bug that’s been circulating around campus.

For the immediate foreseeable future – I’m hoping not any longer then a week (Tuesday the 21st – as if one can schedule these things!)  – I’m going on official hiatus to rest up, de-stress, and declare all out war on my maladies.

HOWEVER! One bit of good news:

That is a fresh Blue Yeti microphone, the first step into studio quality sound recording. SO OF COURSE MY VOICE IS BROKEN.

Update: To celebrate rolling over the 2,000 views milestone, I’m taking the site down the next step of professionalism. I now have a premium theme (headline), an actual domain (!) and more freedom with site design. And there should be no ads!

Site design will be evolving in creative ways for the next little while – I’m hopeful that I can find a way to make it friendly for you guys, and to especially make the site easy to navigate whether you’re searching for archives of old articles, podcasts, or even simply the podcast status and schedule.

I will reinstate the old donation button soon. In sum – it’s not cheap getting started as an independent new media journalist, and any kind of support or hand up is not only greatly appreciated but goes a long way towards enabling me to produce better content.  I have to extend thanks to everybody involved, even merely as a reader or listener, for your continued support 🙂

CLICS and UCSD: Investigating Reclaim CLICS

This is going to be a quick post informing you guys of something I’m actively working on right now as well as to serve as a small statement of intent before I go cavorting off to attempt citizen journalism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t to peek at my article about the break in at CLICS. Things have changed since that writing (1/11/12) and given that the occupy movement is liable to attempt a surge in the Spring, I think it’s important to at least keep tabs on what they’re doing at a major, public university

More after the jump.

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Skeptic Conservative Podcast Scheduled for TONIGHT (1/20/12) at 7pm Pacific!

I am a horrible no good terrible bad person for not putting this up yesterday like I should have.

Show link here! 

Friday, January 20th, 2012, 7pm pacific time.

Topics –

  • SOPA and PIPA in greater detail
  • UCSD Socialists and CLICS
  • GOP candidates tax returns – what they are and why they shouldn’t really matter
  • VoteAIM: What it is and what it will do
  • Your calls, and more!

…though things could very well change in light of recent events. We’ll see where things take us.

Remember – this is the scheduling post, not the actual show post!

Sorry for the Spam!

Hey folks – this teensy tiny posting is aimed largely at those who are currently subscribed to my site.

I didn’t realize stepping my entire archive into and then out of private as part of the SOPA protest would result in your emails getting bombarded with 17-50 emails screaming about new content. That wasn’t my intention.

In the past ~48 hours there have only been four articles, you can scroll down to see them! Sorry about that, I’ll try to avoid that in any future website rebellions.

Also, the new theme is “Andreas09” because I lost the older one – and honestly, I think this one looks…sharper. We’ll see what you guys think.



Skeptic Conservative Going on Strike Against SOPA

((The protest is over, but the issue is not! Bill comes to a vote on the 24th!))

You can officially consider the Skeptic Conservative, Imperial-Gaming, and Totalwartracker to be endorsing the protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act as well as the Protect Intellectual Property Act currently threatening to make their way through congress.

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Skeptic Conservative: 01/06/2012

Post Show Update: Sorry for the late cutoff chatters, the site punted me and said NO! 😦 Fun show, I’ll flesh this posting out tomorrow, many thanks to the callers and the chatbox! Not everything was covered, we’ll do predictions next time, and We had some great things pointed out. Again, apologies for being sick and spacey here and there, but at least I made it through!

With a new year comes a new coloring theme! I hope you folks like it, and I also hope it’s more readable! Check that top bar for tabs – there will be more soon, once I have time to sit down and organize my material.

Here’s the link for the show

There’s a show planned for this friday, 8:30 7:30 pm pacific. Check back here around then for the link or just keep an eye on the blog talk radio page. Thinking about having this be a show regarding Iran, the Iowa caucus, and I’ll read my bus musings as well as share some of what you folks have to say about the coming year. There’s still time to submit comments and thoughts, and I’d love to see them!

Update: Alright, you guys win. 7:30 pm if I can manage it. 

Programming Note: Still enthusiastically accepting predictions folks! And I’m currently working on the December post round-up. Should be up sometime tonight.

Discussion: What do YOU Think will Happen in 2012?

Alright folks, I’m on vacation still and already put it in my first round of calls. Now it’s your turn.

What do you think will happen this coming year? Pick up to two or three or a bunch of things —

aaand leave your creative and intriguing responses below. Have fun! I’ll sum up the most interesting ones in this posting in a day or two.

Happy New Years!


To comment make sure you click on the ‘read comments’ link or the article header which will show the comment form at the bottom.

Quick Announcement – TheDougem is on Vacation

Officially calling it for the time being – and I’m trying to take an almost complete break from the news for at least a few days – something very rare for me! Articles are possible but not super likely, they’ll probably be quick pieces.

No Skeptic Conservative this week – Connection sucks too much – and it’s vacation, dangint. Watch for me on the 6th at what’s becoming the usual time.

However! I will be doing SOME work. A lot of reading, a little research, and getting ready to shift my research style somewhat. Finally, I’m going to start serious notetaking and possibly printing and maintaining a physical file once I have enough material to do so. It’s possible I’ll even aggressively share this info as I work on it – largely it will be tracking what I’ve read, what I’ve listened to, when, the conclusions I drew, and notes on sources. This will help prep me for a lot of things, namely being able to spit exact sources at people when pressed for info!

And because someone asked, my reading list:

  • Red Storm Rising — Tom Clancy
  • National Affairs — Summer 2011
  • The Original Argument — The Federalist’s Case for the Constitution, Adapted for the 21st Century — Glenn Beck
  • Being George Washington — Glenn Beck
  • A Wrinkle in Time — Madeleine L’Engle (Hey, I have to have some happiness!)

Gaming wise:

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Fun so far!
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity

I need a good RPG to tide me over though. After a lot of aggressive Advance Wars I need a little change in pace.

Happy early New Year’s everybody! Take some time to have some fun, and I’ll try to do a more formal prediction article on the 1st. Consider this an open call for people to start thinking about two or three ‘big’ things they think will happen this year, and be ready to make some calls!



PS: Alright Eric, once again I’m needing to recommend one of your shows. BAM. Good talk on Ron Paul in the second half, pertinent to a topic I’m wanting to attack post vacation. Nutshell – reeeaaally think carefully about RONPAUL. The conspiracy baggage is very substantial.