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Glenn Reynolds on Voter ID

File this under ‘doesn’t get enough attention’. Good summary of the broad issues in the voter ID debate, written by the man behind Instapundit

My personal take: Right now the system is -designed- to make it extremely difficult to track possible fraud. It should be common sense to have some kind of ID check for something as monumental and important as voting. There’s no reason for democrats or republicans to oppose voter ID – both sides should benefit from honest elections.

Little bit of site news today – I have five total wordpress followers! Thanks guys, I hope that my occasional stabs of writing continue to interest and inform you.

Of course there are more followers on facebook, email, etc – but it’s fun to get attention from fellow bloggers.

Hiatus Lifting (Hopefully)

Because I’m a lazy jerk, I recorded a video.


  • Articles resuming monday
  • Podcast this week Friday or sooner
  • Stuff
  • Donation button

I’ll address questions and stuff on that video and here. Now have a ridiculous photo of flufferton. Hope ya’all had a good weekend!

Flufferton channels monorail cat

December 2011 Post Round-up

A little late, I know, but here it is! Remember folks, I do a -lot- of writing, and it’s easy to miss articles in between the cracks. I want this blog to be archive friendly and this seems to be the best way to do it with wordpress – please let me know if I can make this at all friendlier or better formatted!

Click here for the last roundup (Oct. & Nov. 2011)

Hit that ‘Read Full Post’ button. C’mon. Do iiit.

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Quick Announcement – TheDougem is on Vacation

Officially calling it for the time being – and I’m trying to take an almost complete break from the news for at least a few days – something very rare for me! Articles are possible but not super likely, they’ll probably be quick pieces.

No Skeptic Conservative this week – Connection sucks too much – and it’s vacation, dangint. Watch for me on the 6th at what’s becoming the usual time.

However! I will be doing SOME work. A lot of reading, a little research, and getting ready to shift my research style somewhat. Finally, I’m going to start serious notetaking and possibly printing and maintaining a physical file once I have enough material to do so. It’s possible I’ll even aggressively share this info as I work on it – largely it will be tracking what I’ve read, what I’ve listened to, when, the conclusions I drew, and notes on sources. This will help prep me for a lot of things, namely being able to spit exact sources at people when pressed for info!

And because someone asked, my reading list:

  • Red Storm Rising — Tom Clancy
  • National Affairs — Summer 2011
  • The Original Argument — The Federalist’s Case for the Constitution, Adapted for the 21st Century — Glenn Beck
  • Being George Washington — Glenn Beck
  • A Wrinkle in Time — Madeleine L’Engle (Hey, I have to have some happiness!)

Gaming wise:

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Fun so far!
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity

I need a good RPG to tide me over though. After a lot of aggressive Advance Wars I need a little change in pace.

Happy early New Year’s everybody! Take some time to have some fun, and I’ll try to do a more formal prediction article on the 1st. Consider this an open call for people to start thinking about two or three ‘big’ things they think will happen this year, and be ready to make some calls!



PS: Alright Eric, once again I’m needing to recommend one of your shows. BAM. Good talk on Ron Paul in the second half, pertinent to a topic I’m wanting to attack post vacation. Nutshell – reeeaaally think carefully about RONPAUL. The conspiracy baggage is very substantial.

October & November 2011 Post Round-up

A little something to tide all of you over until I can actually write again. Yes, hardly anything new – but it’s organized! With pretty formatting! And links! And all of my blog content since the revival back in September!

Full listing after the jump. See that underlined ‘read more’? Click it. Now. You know you want to.

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Full-on Revival

For reasons of convenience, I am briefly reviving this blog to act as a host for citizen journalism efforts I am planning to undertake over the next several months.

Those of you who follow me actively, consider this my supplemental blog for the Skeptic Conservative Podcast.

Those of you stumbling upon this – Hello! I am TheDougem, an independent conservative/gaming vlogger currently pursuing a history degree at UCSD. I like sharing my love of strategy games and my take on current events on my youtube channel. I try to be receptive to all points of view, and encourage a healthy skepticism of all political creeds. If you wish to get in touch with me, leave a comment here 🙂