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Skeptic Conservative for November 5th

Welcome to the show prep topic! I’ll update this later on in the day to reflect the post show Follow-up.

Listen live Today at Patriots Freedom Network 2pm to 4pm Eastern Time! 

Topic for Today: Scattershot Skeptic! May not hit all points, but I have a great number lined up:

Goal for today is to make sure I do my back-up recording and to follow up with back-end production reposting of the show. Stay tuned for details regarding exactly how that will happen, I still have some technical snafus to clean up.

Questions? Comments? Topic Suggestions? Fire away!

Upcoming Podcast Addressing Aurora Shooting

Hey folks –

As some may have been wondering- yes, James Holmes – the shooter in this horrible story – comes from my part of San Diego.

I’ve scheduled a podcast to address this and some of the feelings and questions that have been floating around my community, myself, and family. Since money remains tight, we’re limited to a half hour. Show starts at 8pm Pacific time this coming Sunday, July 22nd.

This is a horrific tragedy beyond measure, and the accounts that have been coming from victims and survivors are heart breaking.

Without wading into the politics of the issue just yet – this discussion will come another day – I want to use my small corner of the internet to wish the victims and their families the best of success in coping with a day that has forever changed their lives.

More thoughts later.



No Podcast Tonight! (2/3/12)

Maybe tomorrow night, we’ll see!

Midterms and RL circumstances dictate that I take a break tonight, sorry folks!

Skeptic Conservative Podcast Scheduled for TONIGHT (1/20/12) at 7pm Pacific!

I am a horrible no good terrible bad person for not putting this up yesterday like I should have.

Show link here! 

Friday, January 20th, 2012, 7pm pacific time.

Topics –

  • SOPA and PIPA in greater detail
  • UCSD Socialists and CLICS
  • GOP candidates tax returns – what they are and why they shouldn’t really matter
  • VoteAIM: What it is and what it will do
  • Your calls, and more!

…though things could very well change in light of recent events. We’ll see where things take us.

Remember – this is the scheduling post, not the actual show post!

Skeptic Conservative Show — 1/13/2012

Listen to
internet radio with TheDougem on Blog Talk Radio

That was a fun show! Far less attendence then the previous one (8 live) but I am not unhappy with this – I’m used to spikes in attendence and frankly it’s normal.

Show notes and thoughts after the jump.

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Skeptic Conservative for FRIDAY THE 13th!! (1/13/2012)

Oh me oh my, what a day to do a show.

SHOW LINK HERE — Friday, January 13th, 8:30 pm Pacific time

This will be a predictions show! It will ALSO feature a discussion in the first half regarding SOPA, and what I perceive to be a slowly growing hostility towards independent media and the internet by the government. What exactly do I mean?

Nutshell: The world remains a very scary place in some ways. Enjoy the internet for the blessing that it is while it remains a truly free and open exchange of ideas. It’s now possible this could change. I will explain myself in show – I know, alarmist rhetoric on my part, but this is nasty stuff folks, and has a direct impact on me and my potential career.

Looking forward to seeing ya’all there!

BONUS: I have scheduled an END OF THE WORLD SHOW for December 20th, 2012! only eleven and a half months to go! I can barely wait!

Caller-Clarifications for Skeptic Conservative 1/6/2012

As I had a sudden influx of fresh faces on last night’s show, a few things were brought up – by one caller particularly – that I felt required further expansion on the blog. That’s why it’s here folks, and I want to continue to foster an air of discussion!

As a general note I’m going to try very hard to address all caller’s questions to the best of my ability on the blog if I feel like I didn’t do the question justice in show. Callers and listeners are encouraged to check in on these posts and ask further questions if needed.

Listen to the show here. More after the jump.

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Skeptic Conservative: 01/06/2012

Post Show Update: Sorry for the late cutoff chatters, the site punted me and said NO! 😦 Fun show, I’ll flesh this posting out tomorrow, many thanks to the callers and the chatbox! Not everything was covered, we’ll do predictions next time, and We had some great things pointed out. Again, apologies for being sick and spacey here and there, but at least I made it through!

With a new year comes a new coloring theme! I hope you folks like it, and I also hope it’s more readable! Check that top bar for tabs – there will be more soon, once I have time to sit down and organize my material.

Here’s the link for the show

There’s a show planned for this friday, 8:30 7:30 pm pacific. Check back here around then for the link or just keep an eye on the blog talk radio page. Thinking about having this be a show regarding Iran, the Iowa caucus, and I’ll read my bus musings as well as share some of what you folks have to say about the coming year. There’s still time to submit comments and thoughts, and I’d love to see them!

Update: Alright, you guys win. 7:30 pm if I can manage it. 

Programming Note: Still enthusiastically accepting predictions folks! And I’m currently working on the December post round-up. Should be up sometime tonight.

Skeptic Conservative Podcast #13 – 12/16/2011

…can be found here!

Highlights of the show included flyoverterritory dropping by twice, for likely an hour’s worth of phone time total, and a passionate discussion about lightbulbs.

This show covered:

  • A close of the Iraq War
  • Thoughts on Iraq and Afghanistan strategy and comparisons to Vietnam
  • The whole drone situation with Iran and the civilian vs. military struggle that let it happen
  • Thoughts on the Occupy movement and their reclaim ports day that sizzled – specifically Seattle
  • Lightbulbs, congress, and you

I have been convinced by the show and the discussion it spurred to eventually do an entire two hours on the ills of progressivism. Certain audience members who shall go unnamed apparently need a quick crash course in why government mandates from on high are a terrible way not only to make a point and to accomplish your goal, but actually encourage defiance and opposition! In a nutshell – it’s not exactly what is being banned, it’s the principle that banning apparently is necessary, and speaks volumes about just how little respect the government has for their people.

Please comment, listen and share, and thanks as always for your time 🙂