Discussion: What do YOU Think will Happen in 2012?

Alright folks, I’m on vacation still and already put it in my first round of calls. Now it’s your turn.

What do you think will happen this coming year? Pick up to two or three or a bunch of things —

aaand leave your creative and intriguing responses below. Have fun! I’ll sum up the most interesting ones in this posting in a day or two.

Happy New Years!


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3 Responses to “Discussion: What do YOU Think will Happen in 2012?”

  1. Isreal: either nuked or bombed into nothingness
    Syria: Government will fall
    Libya: Iran-style theocracy
    North Korea: down but not out
    Europe: could pull through, but I doubt it
    America: Will not emerge the same (I have no idea)

  2. Unlike my friend above me I have a slightly more optimistic view on the world.

    Israel: will try to start a war with Iran but will ultimately like they are tying, there will also be a large rise in the ultra-Orthodox population.

    Syria: Assad will be overthrown but I have no idea who or what the future government will be.

    Libya: it will take a lot of time and money but it will become a democracy. Islam in Libya is not extreme like other countries even if the Islamic population wins out it will be a very moderate Islam that I have no problem with.

    North Korea: Might try something again.

    Europe: Greece is going to fall and start the dominoes falling.

    America: Democrats and Republicans won’t be able to agree on anything and even if they do it won’t accomplish again.

    Canada: Will try to isolate itself economically as much as possible hopefully.


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