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Short Notice Skeptic Conservative: Late April Wildcard Show — 4/27/13

UPDATE: In my infinite wisdom I failed to sound check my microphone again at the start of the show and was talking to dead air for twenty minutes. Kudos are due to user “W Dean Shook” for poking his nose in and pointing this out so the show was not a complete loss. It goes without saying — skip twenty minutes ahead of the complete dead air and relish in the mess until I have the time to go back, edit, and repost the show. As I’m prone to saying, I bring you only the finest in broadcasting excellence!


It is what the title says it is. Because my friends bugged me to and on my whims…Have a show!

Still figuring out exactly what I’ll be addressing, but suggestions are welcome. I know, this is really short notice but sometimes it’s best to roll with inspiration when it strikes.

I also need to test my new recording space and set-up, and testing shows always feel like such a waste of time and effort. So this will be rough around the edges! And heck, I have to start churning out content again, somehow, and I’m not getting any younger…

Rough Show Itinerary:

  • Where the F have you been?
  • Who the F are you and what do you stand for?
  • Why the long silence?
  • What the F is up with Boston and surrounding events?
  • Open floor for questions.

Skeptic Conservative Show — 1/13/2012

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That was a fun show! Far less attendence then the previous one (8 live) but I am not unhappy with this – I’m used to spikes in attendence and frankly it’s normal.

Show notes and thoughts after the jump.

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Skeptic Conservative for FRIDAY THE 13th!! (1/13/2012)

Oh me oh my, what a day to do a show.

SHOW LINK HERE — Friday, January 13th, 8:30 pm Pacific time

This will be a predictions show! It will ALSO feature a discussion in the first half regarding SOPA, and what I perceive to be a slowly growing hostility towards independent media and the internet by the government. What exactly do I mean?

Nutshell: The world remains a very scary place in some ways. Enjoy the internet for the blessing that it is while it remains a truly free and open exchange of ideas. It’s now possible this could change. I will explain myself in show – I know, alarmist rhetoric on my part, but this is nasty stuff folks, and has a direct impact on me and my potential career.

Looking forward to seeing ya’all there!

BONUS: I have scheduled an END OF THE WORLD SHOW for December 20th, 2012! only eleven and a half months to go! I can barely wait!