Skeptic Conservative Show — 1/13/2012

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That was a fun show! Far less attendence then the previous one (8 live) but I am not unhappy with this – I’m used to spikes in attendence and frankly it’s normal.

Show notes and thoughts after the jump.

It WAS a predictions show! It also got derailed multiple times because I’m terrible and easily distracted. A rough itinary –

First Half

  • SOPA
  • GOP field
  • Misperceptions about the tea party that make me HRNG

Second Half

  • Finally – predictions!
  • Reading mine
  • Reading others
  • Thoughts on Islamism and honor killings
  • Rehash of Observer’s predictions
  • Observer’s call (last 10 minutes), comments on Israel

REMEMBER FOLKS – predictions are formally open until Monday the 16th!

You can submit -anything-. Literally anything! And I’ll collect them for later reading during the End of the World show on December 20th.

ALSO – Regarding Observer’s Call

Specifically about ultra-orthodox jews and their influence on Israel.

Observer92 made the case that Ultra-Orthodox jews will raise in both size and influence in Israel and have an agenda of imposing more strict, hardline social codes on Israel at large and in general attack religious freedom. His source was Al Jazeera.

He also indicated support for a single state solution, specifically a state that would respect all parties.

Now, I have a lot to say, but now is not the time! I’m tired. You however, can address this, or anything else for that matter, in the comments section below!

Have fun, and be nice. Thanks again for listening and PLEASE do something – like, rate, share with a friend, or leave a comment. It will make me happy.



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A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

9 Responses to “Skeptic Conservative Show — 1/13/2012”

  1. Your comments on assimilation in America (specifically the one about that America is better at assimilating than countries in Europe and Canada) are a little off. The Canadian government, and one could argue the society, supports not assimilating cultures. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you, but just letting you know, it isn’t that we’re bad at assimilating, it’s just that we don’t.

    • That tends to be the popular thing in Europe as well, and from my experience it’s an attitude that when allowed to fester and taken to extremes can result in severely bad things.

      It’s not an issue of -forcing- people to do this that or the other – it’s how the society at large approaches political correctiveness, how much behavior you excuse or don’t, stuff like that. A large point of contention is the ability of people in the community (especially young ones) to break out of the community if they so wish. Example – in England, they allow more radical muslim communities to write rules for themselves and in places operate under a different legal system, AND don’t do much to police or investigate mosques known for radical activity because that would be ‘intolerant’. Honor killings are a problem in England and a largely ignored one at that, as discussed on the show.

      I’m not as familiar with how things work in Canada, but I do know there are some issues that are also – like in europe – largely ignored. The immigrant community is rather small there, so the scope and seriousness of the problem is smaller. I would kindly ask audience members with materials to share them!

    • Also – it depends largely on the specific country in regards to degrees of assimilation. My opnion tends to be that at large America is a very tolerant society while certain European countries seem to have a lot of difficulties becoming that way – it seems like the US is attacked unfairly on this and that things get sensationalized and blown out of proportion with great frequency.

      This is a complicated topic and one that deserves more time and focus. One I’m willing to discuss – I am proud of my country’s record here and in regards to Europe, I hope the situations over there improve. Canada I’m not as familiar with so I can only make speculations and I won’t take very strong stances – I’m happy to defer to you canadians! It’s your country after all.

      But again, this is just my opinion. One that I happen to think is backed up by history and current events today, but I realize perceptions can change drastically when one is looking from the outside – in.

  2. Observer92, if you read this –

    Before I respond to your points regarding Ultra Orthodox jews in Israel, I need a few clarifications from you:

    1) What time scale are you saying these potential things will happen over?

    2) Why does it matter in the contexts of international relations? IE: What will the ultra orthodox jews do if they get power (specifics please)

    3) What degree of control will the Ultra Orthodox jews have in your opinion

    4) Do you think Israel is justified in feeling that Iran is a threat to it?

    5) Are Hamas, Fatah, and others justified in their resistance?

    Treat this like an open ended question on each point. Thanks! 🙂

    • 1) Well about 10-20 years for the population increase.
      2) Well they are backwards in religious and women’s rights that may also be even more hostile to Muslim nations neibouring Israel.
      3) They will steadily gain more and more control unless the ultra-orthodox leave government.
      4) Yes Iran is a threat to every country near it.
      5) Hamas is not as they have taken a violent path. Fatah on the other hand is peaceful and justifiable.

  3. I really like this Program! (Yes, Flyover brought me over).

    Just to back up what Canadian95rts said, it is true Canada does not encourage assimilation, due to our Official MultiCULTuralism, something that needs a serious re-think, and hopefully our newly minted Conservative Majority Government will address this devastating policy.

    • Thanks a million!

      And yeah, I totally believe what Canadian is saying about Canada’s policy – I’m just explaining my thought process about it and why I think that it might not be the best policy. I think those kind of policies are misguided, especially in Europe.

      What are your thoughts concerning the thing about Israel? It sounded like you had some things to say! And I will too, just not yet, not enough time to pound out a proper article yet.

      • Oh, with the exception of my being a Christian Zionist, I don’t have any particular thoughts at the moment, but this year will be a crucial one I think.

        Canada is an Official Supporter of Israel and I think it has cost us with the Un and Obama – but on those fronts, we don’t care.


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