Skeptic Conservative Show Episode 11 Scheduled

The next episode of the Skeptic Conservative show is scheduled for tonight at 8 pm Pacific Time!

Here are the preliminary show notes:

  • Further Thoughts on Occupy – Why a Tea Partier thinks they’re only interested in controversy
  • An exchange between me and an Occupy San Diego sympathizer
  • Full release of Minecraft today!
  • White House struck by gunfire. Did you even hear about it?
  • Your calls

Please suggest other topics, leave questions, what-have-you.

Drysift has responded already in reply to my open call out two days ago. They did yesterday in fact, and I’m working on my full reply…once I finish production for SC 9 at the very least! I have a feeling you folks will be both as amused and frustrated as I am once you get a look. They either don’t realize – or don’t really care – that they’re doing a fantastic job of illustraiting my points for me. I have to give them credit for even replying in the first place – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to pin certain folks of certain political persuasion  long enough to get a followup statement.

I’ll only say this for the moment – a movement that is truly interested in reaching out and making in-roads would take every available opportunity offered to it to reach out to people. Responding with fire, no matter how justified that movement might feel in doing so, is not a good way to obtain long term credibility or understanding with those who do not necessarily agree with you.

A few links worth sharing so far today:

  1. A comprehensive listing of incidents associated with the occupy movement in the United States. Not all are crimes, some are simply notations of associations with unsavory groups, but there is just an obscene number of little to big moments of chaos – with a wide array of sources including first hand material in some cases! Very much worth a look.
  2. Djaukamo shares a ridiculous screenshot from Skryim, the least buggiest game ever. We have to chuckle every once in a while, folks..

Keep an eye on the site today folks, and please comment if you have any thoughts to share! They’re my lifeblood and help me know what you like!



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