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Digg: Giving Obama a Chance or Not ((Dead link 😦 ))

This is a great post, because it not only captures my own frustration (and the frustration of many of you who share my beliefs) but it also mentions appointments Obama has made since he has won the nomination. Something he has actually done, that has significance – not just based off of his rhetoric! I have already pledged to judge this man based on his /actions/, and so this week I will begin to do that. I want to give the man a chance – but that lasts until he actually starts doing things. Cabinet appointments are thus fair game, and so are his executive orders. ESPECIALLY his executive orders. I encourage all of you not to go overboard, however – it is important that we do not over reach or exaggerate, and that we remain logical and reasonable through this man’s presidency. We also need to force our party to fix itself – or make our own. The ‘old guard’ has lost it’s way.

6/10/13: Dead link warning