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Skeptic Conservative Podcast for this Saturday

Hey, look at that!

Half hour show for Saturday July 11th, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

So this is going to be a very tight show. Yes, it’s been forever, I know. That’s what this post is for, but before I get into that, here’s the related reading for the show, both from Ace of Spades HQ:

You’re Not Going to Believe This, But the Easy-Bake Media Is Once Again Focusing on a Trivial Issue Which Is So Easily Understood That You Need to Have Exactly Zero Outside Reading to Opinionate Passionately About It

Fed Up Conservatives Plot Measures Against Boehner

I’ll remind everybody that website is written with a great deal of fire, but on these issues I sympathize strongly with the blunt takes.

Now, as I mentioned in my last post, rebooting the show is a priority of mine. I can’t say to what extent I can guarantee content release, but I’m going to see how well I can do with Saturday morning quick-takes, the goal being to get something out there while I pursue deeper options.

My intention is to have the podcast be a more rapid-fire affair OR focused on one or two issues/angles. I need to get back into my groove, and while I am very interested in engaging with you, the audience, at this time it’s in my best interests to have those discussions take place here on the blog. Fortunately for you, this means the shows will have either no breaks or only one break in the middle!

At any given time, my priority is to focus on the audience that I have at any given moment. I know for a fact there’s a fair number of you who keep tabs on this site as well as Blog Talk Radio for any blips, and these coming shows will be focused on you.

Please comment and ask questions. I’m considering how to approach what’s been happening lately, and we have a delightful mix of long range things to discuss mixed in with the short-term. Expect to see more writing posts similar to last week’s, at the very least.



Skeptic Conservative for November 5th

Welcome to the show prep topic! I’ll update this later on in the day to reflect the post show Follow-up.

Listen live Today at Patriots Freedom Network 2pm to 4pm Eastern Time! 

Topic for Today: Scattershot Skeptic! May not hit all points, but I have a great number lined up:

Goal for today is to make sure I do my back-up recording and to follow up with back-end production reposting of the show. Stay tuned for details regarding exactly how that will happen, I still have some technical snafus to clean up.

Questions? Comments? Topic Suggestions? Fire away!

Day before Election Day – Ballot Guide and Thoughts

Forgive the thrown together nature of this post, I have been very busy!

Scroll down for the voter guide. I can’t guarantee it but if I can –  it will be in pretty colors.

Last Week’s Show

First off – last week’s Invisible Voice show has tacked to 1063 archive listens within one week. This is terrifying in a wonderful way. I have no idea where the traffic has come from, but that show has the distinction of being my most popular piece of content within one week of all time. Hearty kudos are extended to my cohost, Tom Webb, as well as to the thirty two folks who listened live throughout the two hour broadcast. You can listen to the show directly by clicking here.

That’s a pretty awesome milestone to hit as an online content producer. What does this mean, going forwards? All Invisible Voice shows will now be simulcast on BTR. This means that post show sharing and turn around will be almost instantaneous. Exposure is simply too valuable to loose.

Some folks have requested cross posting to youtube, because of complaints with the Blog Talk Radio player. First: please subscribe to the rss feed if you have problems with BTR! Second: I will be blunt, as I have in the past. I am working almost full time in the service industry. Money is a significant concern for me, as is my time. I am in BTR’s revenue sharing program in order to help justify the amount of time I spend on making content. I am not outright asking for donations at this time, but it’s simple economic reality that if the choice is between more hours at work, or more hours mixing audio and video when I have bills to pay – I have to take more work hours.

I want to cut back on work hours, and as my income stabilizes it becomes more viable, but that time hasn’t come yet. I still aspire to enter the broadcasting industry, but I need to build up savings to go to community college first, and my job is simply the most practical way to do that. IF. Huge IF – but IF online income through donations or other means is able to replace at least part of my work wages, I can consider cutting back on hours and devoting more time to production, but that’s not something I’m going to ask of you. If it happens, it happens. If not, that’s ok. I proceed as planned, work hard at my job, and make the most of it I can.


Quick Voter’s Guide (CA focused)

Alternate Voter Guides:

President: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan

US Senate: Elizabeth Emken

US House: Brian Bilbrary

San Diego Mayor: Carl DeMaio

Prop 30: No

Prop 31: Abstain

Prop 32: YES

Prop 33: Abstain

Prop 34: NO

Prop 35: Abstain

Prop 36: No

Prop 37: No

Prop 38: No

Prop 39: No

Prop 40: Yes


Why so many abstains? If I don’t have full understanding of a proposition or what it will do, my default is usually ‘no’ – but I’ve been convinced on those three to abstain since they could be good, or they could be bad. I don’t know, I’m not informed, and cannot make an informed decision.

These recommendations are simply my opinion and mine alone! Please come to your own conclusions when voting!


What do I think happens tomorrow?

I will only place a cautious call on the overall presidential election. I don’t even begin to know how individual propositions or races are standing.

Based off of the overwhelming turnout on ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ and an overall sense of pent up momentum across the news cycle, I predict that the Mitt Romney Paul Ryan ticket will win a narrow Electoral College victory and be within five points positive leading the popular vote.

My heart predicts a landslide tomorrow. My brain is more cautious. We will see tomorrow, hopefully.

Based on overall news cycle movements, some bullet point predictions. Also, remember that polling is notoriously bad lately. Majority of media favored polls are sampling as if 2008 is happening again, which is not rooted in reality.

  • If Romney wins, media will blame it on ‘extremist’ tea party and GOP vote stealing.
  • If the election is within 3 points we will not know who the president is for a month.
  • If Romney wins, the floodgates on news of the dire economic situation this country faces will open, especially once inauguration takes place. Media will cease being the fourth branch of government but will heartily continue being the publicity arm of the Democrat Party.
  • Whomever wins, the aftereffects of the Benghazi scandal will lead to criminal trials and possible impeachment unless something else big grabs national attention.

There’s a show tomorrow morning – see the next post for details!

Reflecting on Invisible Voice’s First Season, and Looking Ahead

Hey guys – and yes, I know it’s been awhile. Life’s been a little crazy, and I’d like to keep it at that.

BUT. As some know, this past quarter at UCSD hasn’t been a waste for me – I had the opportunity to whip up an hour-long weekly radio show on the campus “radio station”, KSDT. (it’s actually only an internet stream but it USED to be a radio station darnit!) Today, the quarter’s been over for a week, the first run of the show is done, and I have ten full episodes and a debate to produce in two weeks. Before I dive into that, I thought it would be nice to do a brief lookback on the overall production, with more specific thoughts as I release the archived version of each episode.

What Went Right

It took a few weeks for the team to settle, shifting from myself, Tom, and Cody, to myself, Tom, and Austin – with support people varying each episode. Once we got established by show four, things began to click and go -really- well. I feel like the show had good chemistry and attitude, we were in studio on time every week (not always starting on time, thanks to technical gremlins!) and almost always got in our preshow planning meeting. Austin and Tom, complete newbies to broadcasting, picked things up quick and got relaxed and comfortable with the format very quickly, well enough that they were able to do a show without me for episode nine!

My primary goal was to focus almost exclusively on getting the show part of the show right – by and large we got off to a great start.

What Went Wrong

Coordination – but only partially. This is the kind of effort that has to start very light – extra bits like regular, on schedule production, companion blogs, webcam, etc. have to be secondary to the sound. I wish we could have gotten a little more energy to force that stuff out, BUT. I’ll be happy with what I can get, and now with momentum at our backs we should hopefully get it better this fall!

There were a -lot- of technical issues with the studio – partially my fault, since I was supposed to know it inside and out off the bat. There were issues with the show before us running late, before it got yanked halfway through the quarter. I wanted to foster a friendship with the show after us but that never got off the ground due to time issues.

Overall, this was and will remain a learning experience, so I won’t nitpick about rough edges in the actual show. We’re rookies after all!

Most Important Lesson Learned

Two hour time slots are like manna from heaven, since there’s plenty of room for short breaks for the crew to quickly butt heads and get on the same page.

What’s Next?

I have a ton of production work to do! I intend to have every episode of the Invisible Voice on youtube much in the same manner this one is.

That’s ten episodes to go. Hooray!

Until I get that done – you may not see very much from me save for:

  • The occasional guest article (once average traffic gets stirred up a bit)
  • Short and sweet blog articles on one thing or another
  • Quick (half hour tops) podcasts in the spirit of ‘TheDougem Drives’, except I won’t be driving.
Keep an eye on this website and twitter to get a head’s up on releases.

Why am I putting myself through all this suffering? The Invisible Voice is part of my portfolio now – I and the team worked hard to put it together, we need a venue to show it off to get people excited about coming back in the fall!

I can never say it enough: Thank you SO much for your patience and hanging around, whether you’re a new face or someone who’s been around long enough to see me attempt to conquer medieval Germany.

When will I get back to nice, long podcasts? Two months tops, I’m hoping.

If you need stuff to tide you over until then, I recommend both The Blaze as well as PJMedia. Instapundit on PJMedia is also excellent – it updates throughout the day!

Cheers till then

Title Card

Invisible Voice Episode 1 – From 4/6/2012

This took way longer than anticipated for me to post owing to illness and distractions, but it’s finally here:

Invisible Voice (Audio only) Ep1 – 4/6/12


4:20 — GOP nomination
27:40 — Break begins
30:32 — Break ends
32:43 — VP nomination
40:41 — Obamacare and the Constitution


This was a fun episode. THERE ARE AUDIO QUALITY ISSUES, I KNOW. I did what I could to muffle the really bad audio peaks, and I do advise that everyone not listen with the volume turned as high as it can go.

Ideally the typical episode will be longer then this (a full hour rather than 50 minutes!)

Some goofy things were said (apparently Newt Gingrich may want a moonbase to drill for oil) but I feel it all went great. We discussed the overall GOP nomination process, our views on the last few candidates, some of their positions, went into possible VP contenders, and closed with a discussion of Obamacare and a few of the constitutional problems it bumps into.

Pardon continued roughness around the edges as we go forwards – we’ll get better as time goes on, we promise! And of course, you are all welcome to listen live at KSDT’s website from 4pm to 5pm on Fridays, pacific time, and we’re looking into an appropriate way to at the very least toss emails back and forth with you the audience.

Please visit The California Review as well as the UCSD College Republicans, as they’re helping support the show!

So what did you think?

Note: The bulk of viewers (at least via as of 4:30pm Pacific) are from out-of-country. I remain amazed by and very thankful for my international audience!

Critiquing Articles: Raw Markups of a Biased Salon Piece

By request, and since I need to tide you people over with SOMETHING that counts as actual content – observe my note taking process wrought on a poor, unsuspecting terrible bad Salon piece:

My actual analysis is due later this weekend. Enjoy! And yes, I am repeating this process on the SOTU. All 30 pages of it.

NOTE: These are rough and dirty photos crunched by wordpress to be almost unreadable in places :(. Cleaner scans will be presented in my analysis on Sunday!

Quick Thoughts on NATO Strike in Pakistan

Howdy folks! We have some interesting breaking news as of today, the 26th – before I get into my rough analysis of the situation, please consider browsing my archives! While they are a little messy and don’t properly walk back and forth (from post to post) they’re there, I put work into them, and I’d love to have your thoughts! A few suggestions before the jump:

Also after the jump and at the end of the analysis, a few production notes. That’s incentive for you people to click the darned read more button! ;p

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Production Machinations and Skeptic Conservative Shows 9 & 10

Thought I should post more – and at the same time share some of the production things I busy myself with!

First, a screenshot for the curious. More below.

Yes, this is for an audio podcast

Mixing 'cards' to go with each individual segment on the show.

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