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Caller-Clarifications for Skeptic Conservative 1/6/2012

As I had a sudden influx of fresh faces on last night’s show, a few things were brought up – by one caller particularly – that I felt required further expansion on the blog. That’s why it’s here folks, and I want to continue to foster an air of discussion!

As a general note I’m going to try very hard to address all caller’s questions to the best of my ability on the blog if I feel like I didn’t do the question justice in show. Callers and listeners are encouraged to check in on these posts and ask further questions if needed.

Listen to the show here. More after the jump.

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Obama’s Recess Appointment to the NLRB and Consumer Protection Was Unlawful

Source – PJMedia

As I lift my head out of my self imposed vacation news cacoon, I’m both happy and disappointed I hunkered down for at least a little while. The above story is a great example of why news blackouts hurt.

My thoughts after the jump.

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