Invisible Voice Episode 1 – From 4/6/2012

This took way longer than anticipated for me to post owing to illness and distractions, but it’s finally here:

Invisible Voice (Audio only) Ep1 – 4/6/12


4:20 — GOP nomination
27:40 — Break begins
30:32 — Break ends
32:43 — VP nomination
40:41 — Obamacare and the Constitution


This was a fun episode. THERE ARE AUDIO QUALITY ISSUES, I KNOW. I did what I could to muffle the really bad audio peaks, and I do advise that everyone not listen with the volume turned as high as it can go.

Ideally the typical episode will be longer then this (a full hour rather than 50 minutes!)

Some goofy things were said (apparently Newt Gingrich may want a moonbase to drill for oil) but I feel it all went great. We discussed the overall GOP nomination process, our views on the last few candidates, some of their positions, went into possible VP contenders, and closed with a discussion of Obamacare and a few of the constitutional problems it bumps into.

Pardon continued roughness around the edges as we go forwards – we’ll get better as time goes on, we promise! And of course, you are all welcome to listen live at KSDT’s website from 4pm to 5pm on Fridays, pacific time, and we’re looking into an appropriate way to at the very least toss emails back and forth with you the audience.

Please visit The California Review as well as the UCSD College Republicans, as they’re helping support the show!

So what did you think?

Note: The bulk of viewers (at least via as of 4:30pm Pacific) are from out-of-country. I remain amazed by and very thankful for my international audience!

About TheDougem

A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

24 Responses to “Invisible Voice Episode 1 – From 4/6/2012”

  1. Fro what I listened to I enjoyed but like I said I hate not being to say anything.

    • Now what exactly do you mean by that? O_o you have an outlet right here, and we intend to address at least some of the comments that are thrown at us between shows on air.

      • I don’t like not having a live chat or something live.

      • We’re working on it- but it’s taking a backseat to everything else involved with producing and planning the show.

        It’s possible we could see a webcam feed on livestream or something that will have a chatbox – but I need an extra person in studio to run that, and with only -one- hour at our disposal it leaves us less time for live interaction. We’ll try though!

        I’m wanting to eventually have an ‘overflow’ podcast dependent upon how many people I get to help me out with production and audience response. Whether that happens or not depends alot on the next two weeks.

  2. You do a lot better with a co-commentator, Doug.
    Really funny, great show.

    Also – just because some things -should- be side issues, doesn’t mean it will be. Romney may be a conservatve, but he isn’t percieved as one, andthat makes all the difference when getting elected.

    • Oh I’m well aware! I feel less stressed, more relaxed, and as long as I get to do a little monologue here and there I’m happy!

      And yeah – you’re right, which is why we still address them and will encourage people to consider other things that could be important. Tom likes Romney alot more than I do, we all recognize he’s a big governmentesque conservative – BUT! We’re also being fair to him on the specific things we brought up. And – maaaybe he’ll actually listen to the conservative base this time around. It’s why the VP choice and cabinet are important – we’ll have a better idea of just -which- Mitt Romney we’re getting.

      • “Tom likes Romney alot more than I do”
        (Insert The “You Don’t Say” Troll Face)
        P.S. Go on Skype More

      • Of course. However, no matter what, I think Obama’s going to get a second term, so I regard most of it as trivial.
        Why do I think this?
        – No conservative candidate can brace the hell that the the media will give them.
        – Obama isn’t percieved by many as being hungry for control, or, if they do, they mostly think it’s okay.
        – The conservative party (and the tea party, too) have a really big image problem right now.
        – The democrats will make this a social election, and, because the media eats out of Obama’s hand, it will work to terrific effect.
        – In general, a lot of people (or at least my collegues) think that Obama has done a lot more good than bad. (of course, what may be good to them may be bad to someone like you or I)

      • My cynic thinks that, but. there’s wildcards in this election, and I’ll elaborate tomorrow – to respond in your points in order…

        1) It’s been this way for a very, very long time. Old news – some people relish it, a growing number of people are becoming numb to it. mainstream news ratings keep slipping. I don’t deny the media will do it though

        2) Absolutely agree, and the latter bit scares me.

        3) On the fence. I think the image problem is largely from outsiders perception or liberals who don’t care to understand what they really are – orI should say, people who won’t be reached anyway.

        4) They will try – how effective it will be is in question. I buy the ‘silent majority’ theory, but I could be wrong.

        5) Also in the air.

        We’ll talk about this tomorrow!

  3. Well I’m one of those people who view what Obama has done as a good thing. My problem is he seems too scared to challenge the Republicans.

    • Elaborate, with specifics – what are you defending specifically about Obama’s record, and how is he too scared to challenge republicans?

      • Well I don’t totally agree with his policies but I think they are step in the right direction. Like Obamacare it’s flawed but it’s a step in the right direction. He compromises on everything like budgets. During the debt cieleing thing in the summer he could have used that to get what he wanted because I’m pretty sure the Repulicans would have lost the game of chicken.

      • ahahahaha. Yeah, we’re gonna have a lot to talk about on that subject.

    • I’m asking for specifics because we’re going to address this overall subject tomorrow and I’d rather not that we guess at what you like about him.

      • Sounds like it’ll be a good show. Unless something disasterous happens, I will be attending.

  4. There is a chat on KDST Can you read it please. I would like to actually be talking to someone

  5. It would be perfect for the show, though.

    • Yeah I tried to use it during the first but then I realized no one used it.

      • But we should, that’s what I’m saying.

      • — guys, I said I would look into it xD I might not encourage it too strongly since a live radio show has to think differently than other formats, and this show especially is short on time – your welcome to but we may not be as responsive as you’re used to. My focus right now is on making sure the team is learning and getting comfortable with the equipment. Some things are sidelined for now.

  6. fair enough. But we can discuss with each other about the topic at hand. If you guys can’t get in on the conversation, fine.

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