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No Invisible Voice this Week!

Well, I feel lame.

Last week, Tom was sick. This week – we’re both sick. So – sorry folks, no dice ūüė¶

I can recommend Red Eye Radio instead – very intellectual show for one oriented towards late night truckers and workers, free podcast, three full hours of content from a condensed five hour show. Certainly worth the time.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and thanks for your continued listenership! The stats have been impressive lately – I just can’t force a thing, particularly when my boss has a nasty habit of scheduling me late monday nights and leaves me little time for sleep..

Invisible Voice for November 13th, 2012

Listen here – Blog Talk Radio

or there – KSDT’s page

Show starts LIVE at 7am pacific! BTR link will take you to the archive a few minutes after the show ends at 9am.

Details forthcoming, as always, but I will drop this post here regarding the failure of Long Island to prepare for any big storm, really.


UPDATE: Tom is out sick today, so I am flying solo – which means I have to drop a few things in favor of focusing on the show above all else. This posting as well as the UCSD College Republicans page will be monitered for comments and questions. Issues linger with BTR chatbox, do not expect it to be monitored, much less run unless I indicate otherwise.

Invisible Voice for Election Day, 2012

Listen here:


At KSDT’s page by clicking the listen button at this page: ¬†

Show begins at 7AM pacific time! You can listen to the archived show anytime after 9:05 am via BTR!


Tomorrow is election day! Holy Crap!

The show will be a complete wild card. Who knows what Tom and I will talk about! Who knows how much sleep we’ll loose tonight and tomorrow night!

Please leave comments on this post if you have questions you want answered. Tom and I will check!

Update: The show is over! And now the wait begins. Tom and I will be at UCSD at the poli-sci election returns party at Great Hall starting around 7:30pm! We would love to see any local conservatives turn out to have a fun, suspenseful evening together. I will do a closing thoughts post sometime tonight around 10 to 11 pm pacific. NOW GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

Invisible Voice for October 30th, 2012. Benghazi, CA props, Sandy

UPDATE: We were forced to broadcast via Blog Talk Radio only. Listen to the show here!

Alternatively, subscribe to the rss feed using any rss service with the link ‘’

Listen live from 7am to 9am!

This is going to be a big show. Topics Include:

  • Latest developments in the Benghazi Consulate attack
  • The Latest updates on Hurricane Sandy and its impact on the North East
  • Quick analysis of the CA election ballot, and a rehash of national issues

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. While we can’t take calls – we love comments and will begin to actively respond to them going forwards. We hope to have this show turned around within 36 hours.

Show notes pending post election coverage.

Reflecting on Invisible Voice’s First Season, and Looking Ahead

Hey guys – and yes, I know it’s been awhile. Life’s been a little crazy, and I’d like to keep it at that.

BUT. As some know, this past quarter at UCSD hasn’t been a waste for me – I had the opportunity to whip up an hour-long weekly radio show on the campus “radio station”, KSDT. (it’s actually only an internet stream but it USED to be a radio station darnit!) Today, the quarter’s been over for a week, the first run of the show is done, and I have ten full episodes and a debate to produce in two weeks. Before I dive into that, I thought it would be nice to do a brief lookback on the overall production, with more specific thoughts as I release the archived version of each episode.

What Went Right

It took a few weeks for the team to settle, shifting from myself, Tom, and Cody, to myself, Tom, and Austin – with support people varying each episode. Once we got established by show four, things began to click and go -really- well. I feel like the show had good chemistry and attitude, we were in studio on time every week (not always starting on time, thanks to technical gremlins!) and almost always got in our preshow planning meeting. Austin and Tom, complete newbies to broadcasting, picked things up quick and got relaxed and comfortable with the format very quickly, well enough that they were able to do a show without me for episode nine!

My primary goal was to focus almost exclusively on getting the show part of the show right – by and large we got off to a great start.

What Went Wrong

Coordination – but only partially. This is the kind of effort that has to start very light – extra bits like regular, on schedule production, companion blogs, webcam, etc.¬†have to be secondary to the sound. I wish we could have gotten a little more energy to force that stuff out, BUT. I’ll be happy with what I can get, and now with momentum at our backs we should hopefully get it better this fall!

There were a -lot- of technical issues with the studio – partially my fault, since I was supposed to know it inside and out off the bat. There were issues with the show before us running late, before it got yanked halfway through the quarter. I wanted to foster a friendship with the show after us but that never got off the ground due to time issues.

Overall, this was and will remain a learning experience, so I won’t nitpick about rough edges in the actual show. We’re rookies after all!

Most Important Lesson Learned

Two hour time slots are like manna from heaven, since there’s plenty of room for short breaks for the crew to quickly butt heads and get on the same page.

What’s Next?

I have a ton of production work to do! I intend to have every episode of the Invisible Voice on youtube much in the same manner this one is.

That’s ten episodes to go. Hooray!

Until I get that done – you may not see very much from me save for:

  • The occasional guest article (once average traffic gets stirred up a bit)
  • Short and sweet blog articles on one thing or another
  • Quick (half hour tops) podcasts in the spirit of ‘TheDougem Drives’, except I won’t be driving.
Keep an eye on this website and twitter to get a head’s up on releases.

Why am I putting myself through all this suffering? The Invisible Voice is part of my portfolio now – I and the team worked hard to put it together, we need a venue to show it off to get people excited about coming back in the fall!

I can never say it enough: Thank you SO much for your patience and hanging around, whether you’re a new face or someone who’s been around long enough to see me attempt to conquer medieval Germany.

When will I get back to nice, long podcasts? Two months tops, I’m hoping.

If you need stuff to tide you over until then, I recommend both The Blaze as well as PJMedia. Instapundit on PJMedia is also excellent Рit updates throughout the day!

Cheers till then

Last Episode of the Invisible Voice first season

Just a quick head’s up to followers of the show and my efforts, the last live show of season one of the Invisible Voice is today, 4pm, Pacific Time. Find the link and audio here.

Today’s show will be my 2nd flying solo show; Tom and Austin have had some surprise¬†commitments¬†come up¬†but send their regards to all of you!

Rough topics:

  • Obama’s de-facto Amnesty
  • Egypt (again!)
  • The Middle East (AGAIN!)
  • Greece, Spain, and the Euro (..again)
  • Predictions for the summer

May or may not be two hours, it largely depends on whether or not the hosts of the show after me arrive or not!

I should note that my production blitz officially kicks off tonight, now that I have one of those rare time windows during the year where I am in relative command of my time.

More information about the future of the show is forthcoming, I can say with confidence that there is a lot of energy and excitement for this Fall.

Update: Show’s done! Ended within an hour due to my voice being stupid. Announcements about the summer and the production blitz incoming sometime tonight

Invisible Voice Episode 6 – Discussion Post

For a number of reasons I won’t get into now, it’s been difficult for me to get post production done for the Invisible Voice – HOWEVER!

It’s been running actively the past¬†five weeks and the team has been doing a great job thus far. Here at the halfway point of the show, I figure it’s a good time to get on my own butt and at the very least remind you guys that the show exists.

The show broadcasts every friday from 4 to 5pm pacific time.

To Listen to the Show:

  1. Go to KSDT’s official web page and click the ‘play’ button.
  2. Make sure it’s at least 4pm pacific time on Friday

To Comment on the Show:

  1. Click the little box just under the right side of the page header. Chat room!
  2. Comment on this blog topic
  3. Fire emails off to my alias at a certain email provider run by a company whose name rhymes with boogle

To list to the archive before I do post production:

  1. Go to KSDT’s downloads page
  2. Scroll down to the entries that begin with ‘G_man’
  3. You’ve found them! Download at your leisure
  4. Keep in mind that some weeks there’s overlap with prior and later shows
Topics for today:
  • Obama’s ‘evolution’ on gay marriage
  • Mitt Romney’s brutal hair massacre
  • Thoughts on Ron Paul (?)
  • Whatever topic we aimlessly drift into

Today’s show is a¬†two hour show since we got blessings bestowed upon us by the scheduling gods. We’ll take full advantage of the time. Please comment and share!

Also, as a programming note – due to scheduling conflicts and college just being mean about devouring one’s time, Cody has stepped down as a formal cohost. This slot has been filled by both Tom and Austin as of show three.