October & November 2011 Post Round-up

A little something to tide all of you over until I can actually write again. Yes, hardly anything new – but it’s organized! With pretty formatting! And links! And all of my blog content since the revival back in September!

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December 2012 Post Round-up (Next month)

October 2011

‘Brief Revival’ — 10/07/2011

I ought to rename this just ‘Revival’ because I’m here for the long term. The first post in almost two years – activating the blog to serve as a dumping of material from my coverage of the occupy movement.

‘Occupy San Diego Coverage – The Plan’ — 10/07/2011

Statement of intent for the record prior to hoofing it out to document the opening march of Occupy San Diego. Made it clear that I was there to cover and not immediately render my opinion or insert my opinion into my coverage.

‘Quick Update on Coverage of Occupy San Diego’ — 10/07/2011

A little update with a brief accounting of events with little opinion inserted, estimate of the crowd, as well as a few raw photos and video.

‘Occupy San Diego Day One Photodump’ — 10/08/2011

The link to the full photo-dump put up immediately after I finished processing. All of the photos and videos I took that day are linked here for public consumption – I did not and will not filter or edit these photos.

‘The Occupy Movement – A Critique of the Message’ — 10/10/2011

I am very proud of this essay. It was written after considerable thought and research and offers what I consider a balanced, early interpretation of the movement at large. I label the movement as largely anti capitalist and susceptible to hijacking by the radical fringe in spite of the good intentions of the majority drawn to it. I highly encourage new readers to read this piece before looking at my later Occupy articles.

‘The Occupy Movement – A Few Links Worth Sharing’ — 10/11/2011

Follow up posting to the previous with links to other blogs and their analysis. I offer thoughts at the end again mentioning some of my critiques and opinions.

‘Quick Update – Plans for a Followup on Occupy San Diego’ — 10/11/2011

An attempt at momentum to cover the movement a week after their inception. My plans were foiled by the SDPD booting the movement from Civic Center Plaza the night before I planned to go out.

‘Quick Update – a List of Demands?’ — 10/17/2011

A list of demands tied to the occupy movement I stumbled upon during my research, with a quick analysis and critique. I never had enough time to do a more thorough followup unfortunately, and the message was simply evolving too quick to pin down to one specific manifesto.

November 2011

‘A Souring on the Occupy Movement’ — 11/07/2011

A more damning critique of the occupy movement where I label the intent of the founders of the movement to be an attempt at little socialist anarchist revolutions, and that the idea all along was to be vague and wield concerned citizens as brute-force mobs.

Production Machinations and Skeptic Conservative Shows 9 & 10‘ — 11/14/2011

A peek at production for SC9 (still not done yet. Derp.) and a hint of the articles to come – the “debate” with youtube user drysift that wasn’t really a debate at all.

‘An Open Response to an Occupy San Diego Sympathizer’ — 11/16/2011

The beginning of the saga with drysift. This started as a youtube comment debate taken to blog form because I felt it was important for my readers to see the attitude of an aggressive occupy sympathizer. The challenge still stands for drysift to refute any of my points or to point out specifically where I am wrong.

‘Skeptic Conservative Show Episode 11 Scheduled’ — 11/18/2011

Something that will become a regular thing once I’m done with finals -an announcement of the show with intended topics and an invitation to suggest content and/or participate.

‘Responding to an Occupy Sympathizer Part 2’ — 11/18/2011

The 2nd part of the drysift saga. More questions are ducked and dodged, more immaturity shown, and more names are called, oh my! 

‘Response to an Occupy Sympathizer PART THREE’ — 11/18/2011

The rough close to the faux debate that drysift was really interested in not having. I am challenged to a tiny chat debate that oh-so-conveniently is named and timed without my opinion, because I am blocked for being too ‘biased’! I pull direct democracy to determine what ought be done. This story also links back to the entire saga for reading convenience.

‘Regarding the “Debate” With Drysift’ — 11/21/2011

The audience conclusively voted that drysift ought to respond before any further “debating” takes place. The debate was also timed for the exact start of that week’s tea party meeting! A much better use of my time. BTR Host ‘Flyoverterritory’ was my designated stand in, and true to form – drysift did not show, doing a brilliant job of making my point for me. The close to the saga – my explanation of my actions, intentions, and methods, will be done sometime this month.

‘Quick Thoughts on NATO Strike in Pakistan’ — 11/26/2011

My quick analysis and opinion on the friendly fire incident that led to the deaths of several dozen Pakistani soldiers in light of the larger regional strategic picture. Nutshell – we need to fight to win or get the hell out.

‘Minecraft!’ — 11/26/2011

First public acknowledgement of the existence of an ‘official’ Imperial Gaming (The blanket name for anything I do gaming related) Minecraft server. Teaser screenshots and a promise of more in the future.


And that’s that! For more information on my other efforts including podcasting, youtubing, and etc please click the About tab on the menu at the top of the site. Thanks!

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