Discussion Followup: Looking Ahead at 2012

I’ve already related and rambled my thoughts – on a bus, no less! But you folks deserve a bit more and I did say I would share your responses below.

I -do- listen folks! It’s up to you to reach out and comment or email me if you want your voice to be heard here!

Doom, gloom, nuclear apocalypse and genocide await after the jump…

Check the comment thread HERE for specifics!

Broadly, and as I stated on the bus, 2012 is going to be a very ‘interesting’ year in the full meaning of the word. This feels like it’s going to be a very important pivotal year in almost all arenas – social, economic, especially political, and one hell of a wild ride. I asked you folks to share some of your predictions – things you folks can submit until this monday – the 9th! Before I ‘seal’ them for later review in December. Without further ado, your predictions thus far!


Isreal: either nuked or bombed into nothingness

Possible, would certainly lead to regional if not world war, the middle east at large would never be the same again. Israel is too smart to go down without a fight and has many nuclear weapons. Long term ramifications not good for the rest of the world.

Syria: Government will fall

Very likely. Could have major ramifications depending upon who is able to seize power and how stance towards Israel and Iraq change

Libya: Iran-style theocracy

Very likely. Signs are not positive for a free Libya.

North Korea: down but not out

Will depend largely on foreign aid and China. Outlook uncertain!

Europe: could pull through, but I doubt it

Near certainty. Seems to be a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’ especially seeing the attitude of the EU at large.

America: Will not emerge the same (I have no idea)

Absolute certainty. Pivotal issues are coming to a head in america and its stability and the integrity of the dollar have worldwide consequences. Major issues of debt, corruption, and basic accountability are at play.



Israel: will try to start a war with Iran but will ultimately like they are tying, there will also be a large rise in the ultra-Orthodox population.

Likely. War is inevitable at this point, Israel arguably could find itself fighting for its right to exist especially if Iran gets a nuclear bomb. A rise in ultra-orthodox population considering what is at stake is not outlandish.

Syria: Assad will be overthrown but I have no idea who or what the future government will be.

Very likely. A lot rides on who ‘wins’.

Libya: it will take a lot of time and money but it will become a democracy. Islam in Libya is not extreme like other countries even if the Islamic population wins out it will be a very moderate Islam that I have no problem with.

Not likely – tensions are high and historically the country has been a tribal society kept together by a strong military authority. One must be very cautious with ‘moderate’ Islam in certain circles as it can be a pretext towards more radical fundamentalism. Signs so far have not been positive; there are legitimate human rights concerns with the rebels. Will take time to flesh out – critical factors will be overall stability, willingness of militias to stand down, how religious tolerance pans out, and if Al Qaeda is forced out or embraced by the eventual government.

North Korea: Might try something again.

Outlook unclear, as stated above. China holds the cards.

Europe: Greece is going to fall and start the dominoes falling.

Absolute certainty. If not Greece, either Portugal or Spain are likely to collapse the house of cards. Will have world wide ramifications.

America: Democrats and Republicans won’t be able to agree on anything and even if they do it won’t accomplish again (anything?).

Likely. Mixed bag, however, I would almost venture it’s a question of old political establishment in both parties refusing to stop playing the old corrupt political ball game when it will soon not be possible to. The authority of the presidency and especially congress will come into question if budgetary deadlock continues, and very much so if there’s any sort of major financial collapse brought on by inaction.

Canada: Will try to isolate itself economically as much as possible hopefully.

Likely – and arguably something all countries should be doing or be ready to do right now considering the imminent failure of globalism as we know it. 

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6 Responses to “Discussion Followup: Looking Ahead at 2012”

  1. Well about Libya it may be a tribal society but the government seems to be be able to control them as most of the tribes have representation in the government. They can organize the forces it will just take more time and money, they have created a border service successfully which shows progress. Sharia in Libya is mainly economic law not social policy. Al Qaeda is also not a problem within the country as they are very small and the government since even before the war ended saying they will hunt Al Qaeda down and they will not be tolerated.

    • We will see. Whatever happens will take time, but —

      This gives me pause

      And this was also unsettling back in October

      Things seem to be in an odd sort of limbo over there, so we’ll all get to twiddle our thumbs for a while it seems. The media – stateside, at least – is largely ignoring Libya which is really too bad. The story ain’t over.

      • Yes a flag obviously means Al Qaeda is poised to take over Libya. That is one of the problems that requires time and money they need a central military that can unite these forces and force these militias out if they don’t listen to a request.

      • I didn’t say that – I just mentioned it! And I’m not meaning to imply OMG LIBYA = AL QAEDA either. It’s a indicator of possible local sympathies, and of al qaeda presence in the country as well as in the rebellion. How else would they have been able to, however briefly, foist their flag atop of the symbolic birthplace of the movement?

        In other words the ingredients are there for a long struggle. It remains to be seen, it could go good, it could not. I just think it may go badly, but I can always be wrong 🙂 I do agree that whatever happens will take time.

  2. I’m going to be drawing from a couple articles in this comment, namely this one and “TheDougem on a Bus Muses About 2012”
    Anyway, it’s september, and I figured we should take a look at what has happened, considereing the year is two thirds over.

    Regarding China
    – Still not down yet, but who knows what’s happening behind the scenes

    Regarding North Korea
    – Nothing has happened, at least not yet.

    Regarding Afghanistan
    – TheDougem: “Could largely end as a conflict if peace talks with the Taliban suceeds.” Nope. Still fighting.

    Regarding the Middle East and Isreal
    – Tensions not as high as they were, but some things could still happen.

    Regarding Libya
    – Election thus far hasn’t put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. However, I would wait until the next election before we completely write them off.

    Regarding Syria
    – I still believe the government will fall, but how how it falls or what happens next is anyones guess.

    Regarding The Euro/Eurozone
    – “If the Euro hasn’t crashed in some capacity by summer it will be a near miracle” That didn’t happen.

    Regarding The Economy
    – Not informed enough to make a call on that note, but I would assume it isn’t doing as well as it could be.

    Regarding The Internet
    – Nothing yet, but still in possible danger.

    Regarding The Election
    – Still too early to call either way

    • Heh. I love your timing on this.

      I imagine we’ll be doing a ‘early’ review of this stuff as part of Invisible Voice. There absolutely will be something way-too-thorough in December, and the End of the World show will cover this!

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