Invisible Voice Episode 6 – Discussion Post

For a number of reasons I won’t get into now, it’s been difficult for me to get post production done for the Invisible Voice – HOWEVER!

It’s been running actively the past five weeks and the team has been doing a great job thus far. Here at the halfway point of the show, I figure it’s a good time to get on my own butt and at the very least remind you guys that the show exists.

The show broadcasts every friday from 4 to 5pm pacific time.

To Listen to the Show:

  1. Go to KSDT’s official web page and click the ‘play’ button.
  2. Make sure it’s at least 4pm pacific time on Friday

To Comment on the Show:

  1. Click the little box just under the right side of the page header. Chat room!
  2. Comment on this blog topic
  3. Fire emails off to my alias at a certain email provider run by a company whose name rhymes with boogle

To list to the archive before I do post production:

  1. Go to KSDT’s downloads page
  2. Scroll down to the entries that begin with ‘G_man’
  3. You’ve found them! Download at your leisure
  4. Keep in mind that some weeks there’s overlap with prior and later shows
Topics for today:
  • Obama’s ‘evolution’ on gay marriage
  • Mitt Romney’s brutal hair massacre
  • Thoughts on Ron Paul (?)
  • Whatever topic we aimlessly drift into

Today’s show is a two hour show since we got blessings bestowed upon us by the scheduling gods. We’ll take full advantage of the time. Please comment and share!

Also, as a programming note – due to scheduling conflicts and college just being mean about devouring one’s time, Cody has stepped down as a formal cohost. This slot has been filled by both Tom and Austin as of show three.

About TheDougem

A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

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