BREAKING: Kim Jong Il of North Korea – DEAD

Thank you Drudge!

And Pajamas Media!

The best timestamp I can put on this is ~7:30pm Pacific Time

Normally this would warrant a Short Notice Skeptic Conservative Podcast in the veins of the fabled “Bin Laden is Dead” show, done 2 hours after the event took place.

Instead, I encourage all of you to listen in to Flyoverterritory’s Show for tonight, as he might break it down later on in the broadcast.

What does Kim’s death mean? It could mean a lot of things! It certainly puts a death clock on the North Korean regime.

I’ll break this down here as the night goes on – After the jump below. Newbies should look here! Anyone should ask questions regarding North Korea via comment here and they will be addressed!

Quickie Break Down

Kim was a bad man

North Korea is China’s pet proxy state, meant to be a buffer zone from South Korea. North Korea is known to be in a state of collapse and extreme economic hardship, and the wikileaks debacle confirmed that there were secret talks between nations concerning the eventual unification of Korea with the collapse of Kim Jong Il’s regime. This could be happening much sooner then thought.

Those in the know are not confident in Kim’s son’s ability to keep the country under his heel. Look for a possible military coup, and the slim chance that NK could try to go out in a blaze of sudden glory.



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3 Responses to “BREAKING: Kim Jong Il of North Korea – DEAD”

  1. You’re leaving out the posibility of a new, strong leader, possibly from the military, that is just as bad as Kim Jong Il was. They may be smart enough not to go to war with their neighbours until they are ready, whch they aren’t.
    There may be chaos for a while, but North Korea is pretty entrenched. I don’t think they’d give up their independence. At least, not yet.

    • That is a distinct possibility, but I’m not going to call it that way just yet. Mainly because the regime survived so long owing to the cult like nature of the nation’s attitude towards their late leader – whom was held up more or less as a demi God. Now that he’s quite dead – that cult has been shaken, and I’m not entirely confident that the demi God mantle can just be passed back and forth without major turmoil.

      We’ll see though. I’m still crossing my fingers for eventual reunification.

      • I agree, Let’s see how things play out. however, reunification is far too much to hope for. The countries are so different and hostile to each other now that anything of the sort would just result in death and violence.

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