Guest Posting – Sharia Law in the Middle East

Editor’s Note (TheDougem): This will be the first ‘guest’ posting on the blog, written by Canadian_95_RTS, long time listener to the podcast and an avid follower of mine since my dark, primitive days on livestream when I was operating under the “Total War Tracker” banner. I wanted to invite any of you with writing inclinations who just may want to share something with my audience to email me at ! I just might throw your post up with some minor edits and any accreditation you wish to have. I can’t promise any sort of compensation beyond exposure and critique, with how small I am right now. In general, anything I personally consider interesting and worth sharing with my audience is fair game. 

Please enjoy, comment, and pass around if you like this!  The post can be found after the jump, and concerns Sharia Law in the Middle East. Any bolded italics are my comments.

Hello. I’m Canadian_95_RTS, and TheDougem has given me the go ahead to post on his blog. This was very nice of him, and I don’t really expect to be able to do it again, so I thank him. (Nonsense. Give me good writing and you will get that chance -Ed) Also, before I get started, I will say that Muslims may find this a little offensive. I try not to be, but the subject matter itself may be somewhat offensive to some people.

Now, I have big problems with Sharia Law. For those who don’t know, this is law set out through the writings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, the Hadith, which is a collection of writings about him, and decisions of early Islamic scholars. It affects many portions of a Muslims life, such as how they dress, what to eat, and other parts of everyday life. Most of these laws are fine, and, in fact, beneficial.

However, some of the main ones that I will be talking about are more sinister in nature.

There is one main reason for this. These laws were written in the 7th and 8th centuries. Now, as you all know, there were many laws in place back then that no one would think of using now. Many punishments for crimes are also not things we would use today.
Now, most of these laws are still being followed to the letter. Now, there are countries using Sharia as the basis for their laws. Laws that are thousands of years old and very much outdated in today’s society.  Many Middle Eastern countries have adopted strict laws in strict accordance with Sharia, with a few exceptions, such as Kazakhstan and Turkey.
Women are intensely discriminated against in Sharia law. Keep in mind that this was back in a time where women were discriminated against everywhere, not just in Islamic countries. Both the Koran and the Hadith have much to say about women.
Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two male witnesses cannot be found, then one man and two women who you judge fit to act as witnesses — Koran 2:282

This basically shows that a women’s testimony is worth half of a man’s. I have BIG PROBLEMS with countries who feel that one person’s testimony is worth less than another’s because they were born differently. This could lead to travesties of justice if not stopped.

During the battle of Al-Jamal, Allah benefited me with a Word (I heard from the Prophet). When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.” — Sahih Bukhari 9:88:219

This says, basically, that women would never be good rulers. This sort of narrow-mindedness is unacceptable, then or now. However, some countries still use it.
‘Aisha used to say: “When (the Verse): “They should draw their veils over their necks and bosoms,” was revealed, (the ladies) cut their waist sheets at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces.” — Sahih Bukhari: 6:60:282

This is one of the quotes about the covering of one’s entire body. Now, I know that some do this because they want to, but in some Islamic countries, they are forced to. Enter Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian government has taken the Sharia view on women to the next level. As I mentioned, the Saudi Arabian government requires that, Muslim or not, you cover your face unless you are with your close family. Besides being completely discriminatory towards non-Muslims, it also doesn’t give the woman any choice, and denies her freedoms.

Saudi Arabia also has seemed to completely forget women come election time. They are not allowed to vote, although the government promises they will in the next election come 2015. They also do not allow women to run for office, probably taking from the Sahih Bukhari quote about the subject. How can you have fair, free elections when those elections don’t take into account half of the population? The Saudi government shows itself to be extremely prejudiced and very much unlike what a true democracy should be like.

As I mentioned, Saudi Arabia has done things that weren’t even Sharia, just taking from its lead. They don’t allow a woman to drive, nor to go out in public unaccompanied. This denies women any sort of freedom of movement, nor any decency. And, how can they change it? They can’t vote.

One quick side note before I dive into another topic. Sharia is discriminatory towards homosexuals. In fact, to be a homosexual is to break the law. This law is punishable by death.  This is how the Nazi’s operated. As well as just about anyone trying to purge a minority from their society. This may have been an acceptable law in the 7th century, but today this is completely insane! There is no way a country can be called indiscriminatory when they kill of minorities.

Sharia also punishes people who don’t follow Islam. If you commit blasphemy, which is when you insult Islam, you can be sentenced to death. Examples include burning the Koran, insulting Allah or Mohammed, and other things. Another main “crime” is apostasy. This is where you convert away from something, in this case Islam. The punishment is also death. So much for freedom of religion. Countries who adopt this policy, such as Afghanistan (and not just the Taliban controlled parts), are killing people for converting to another religion, which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.

Apostasy example

How can a country call itself free if it punishes people for not following the same, as these laws try to do? In this sense, almost no country that uses Sharia Law is truly free.
Sharia advocates 7th century punishments for crimes, some which shouldn’t even be crimes in the 21st Century. Among the most infamous are; amputation for theft, death for adultery, and some others I mentioned earlier. Most of these are very cruel and inhumane, and should never be used in today’s society. One of the main punishments was death by stoning. This is torture, plain and simple. This may have been used in the 7th century, but today it is unacceptable.
This is how the Middle East works nowadays. Sharia represents a barrier to progress, which may never be changed. The unfortunate reality is that some, possibly even the majority, want it to stay. The new “Arab Spring” governments are making their laws Sharia compliant. (Something that was called by countless commentators and analysts, is happening now, and many especially in the establishment media are ignoring this STILL! – Ed) Although the dictators were no better, we may not like the alternative.

Protests in Pakistan (Youtube)

Even when Sharia is not in laws, it causes problems. Untold numbers of honour killings have taken place all over. Mobs are fickle things, as is mob justice. People could be killed for almost anything, if you get a crowd riled up enough. Governments turn a blind eye. How can any government let people get away with murder? Because they want to keep the people’s support to get re-elected, if, in fact, they are elected, which isn’t always the case.
There are alternatives. Turkey has been a secular democracy for most of a century. (This is changing, especially recently. -Ed) Sharia isn’t used at all, and they remain one of the most advanced countries in the region. This is the potential for all of these countries, if, IF they decide to keep Sharia on a non-fundamentalist basis, and definitely out of governments.
I hope for the Middle East. I really do. It has the infrastructure and the people to get things done and become first world countries. However, this can never happen while governments are supporting Sharia law, which is why most of the Middle east is the way it is. Maybe, just maybe, if we could get some governmental reform out of the Arab Spring (though I wouldn’t get my hopes up), the Middle East can finally see peace and prosperity. I can hope, can’t I?Note: Not all Muslims believe in the things I have previously mentioned. There are people who have decided to follow a less fundamentalist view of the situation, and they are not the people I speak of.

Editor’s note: There are scholars who argue that Islam needs a modern day version of what Catholicism went through in the 16th century – the Catholic Reformation that led to a moderation of the church’s religious zeal and opened the door for a more free and tolerant system. 

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