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Mia Love Speaking at the RNC

Continuing the theme of ‘Doesn’t Get Enough Attention’, I bring you Mia Love speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Two things are worth noting:

  1. The mainstream media in this country are being especially blatant in their bias by how much they’re ignoring speeches such as this. Watching NBC last night, all speeches (including this!) were ignored except for Christ Christie and Ann Romney. Don’t want to threaten the “Republicans are racist!” narrative!
  2. Conservatives win if they stay positive. The convention’s theme so far can be summed up as ‘We will fix it’, in lieu of ‘He broke it’. We are getting positive, uplifting messages from almost every speaker. This connects with America’s overall attitude, and will take us to great places. Now if they can only keep it up…

I don’t know about you guys, but I am savoring the eventual debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Poor Joe doesn’t stand a chance.

Hat tip to Zombie from PJM for the video.