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Digg: US Military Report Warns ‘sudden collapse’ of Mexico

An alarming story for some of you, I’m sure – but something that has been looming on the political horizon for some years. The drug and gang violence in Mexico has become crippling – staggering. Police chiefs and officers in Mexico have been increasingly targeted for assassination, kidnappings, and torture. There have been reports over the past few weeks warning of the possibility of this violence and lawlessness spilling over the border – and it very well could. Need I remind you of the border tunnels the authorities continue to find and dismantle, and the US Anti Kidnapping expert who got kidnapped and vanished off the face of the earth?

Don’t let yourself be too surprised by this ‘sudden’ development. Mexico is in serious trouble, and has been for decades. It’s just that very recently, it has taken a turn for the worse. More and more bodies are turning up everyday in the country – most of them showing signs of brutal torture, and missing their heads. I will write more about this later, but for now, I can say that it’s likely we will start assisting the government of Mexico with anti-gang efforts, and at some point we may send in military or SWAT reinforcements to bolster the Mexican police and army. And in the worst case scenario, if the government utterly collapses, we will have no choice but to send in the military to quiet things down. We cannot tolerate an entire nation of anarchy on our doorstep. Not to mention that if the current bloodshed is any indication, the violence exacted against rival gangs, and the people of Mexico, would escalate to horrific levels, possibly to the point of all out civil war. The implications of such an action on our part could be serious – but ultimately beneficial. Time will tell as it always does. Stay tuned for more.