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Ice Age Alarmism in the 70s – Parallels with Global Warming Alarmism – PJMedia

This article from Zombie, one of my favorite PJMedia writers, is just too good not to share with you.

Not only does it have a huge link bomb of recent blows to man-made global warming theory, it succinctly addresses my problem with the global warming crowd – that of political exploitation AND neatly draws parallels from a ‘impending ice age’ book from the 70s that makes almost the exact same case and solutions as man-made global warming advocates today do!

Good case, good points, great evidence. I maintain that the leaders of the those who suggest extreme measures to combat global warming do so primarily as an excuse to mandate progressivism on all of us, as opposed to a genuine desire to save the planet. Their favored political ideology so conveniently presents a solution to this ‘problem’ and all those who oppose it are just stupid haters. No need to debate, no need to convince, we know what’s right and should just tell everyone what to do and throw a bunch of money to the third world! If no one listens we’re all DOOMED! — The 70’s. And today.

Be sure to read the scans from the book. The parallels borderline on the hilarious. And this serves as a great warning against any political message that uses doomsday rhetoric, hype, and outright belittling of their opposition as dumb as their primary debate tactics.

Obama’s Detachment from Reality: SOTU Analysis from PJMedia

I wanted to quickly bring this link to your attention since this has been a busy week – and my analysis of the speech is taking a different tack then most! Breaking it down paragraph by paragraph. That takes awhile. So in the interim, have this one analysis by Barry Rubin from PJMedia.

He describes Obama as a president with an unrealistic agenda that is just not American, and he has it at a time America is facing unprecedented crisis. Very apt description and very much worth the read and some thought.

I SHOULD CAVEAT – I’m not just lazily saying ‘The President is UnAmerican duurrr’ I mean that in the context that his ideas just don’t resonate with the ideology of the country. Obama has far leftist sympathies and notions of economic fairness and social justice in a country that has classically valued the free market and capitalism. The president also continues to flirt with this odd notion of executive supremacy and circumventing congress, bucking the checks and balances built into the very fabric of this nation. America needs to be careful this election.

Regarding Iran and Foreign Policy Options

Well isn’t this right timely?

PJMedia did a posting on possible options with dealing with Iran. Some of them sound a lot like my suggestions, and largely I agree with the things posited in this piece.

For those who need a reminder, I discussed this earlier in a caller clarification article.

Discuss! Or not. It’s up to you. I’ll likely bring this up on Friday’s show (8:30pm. Sorry Canada, time constraints demand it.)

Another Twist in Gunwalker

This is big folks, and continues to build and build and build.

PLEASE Read and share the following article:

Pajamas Media: Justice Department Violated Laws Beyond those being Investigated

I called this back in late March, folks.  But I stayed mostly reserved because hard evidence was not in possession of the house investigative committee. It now is. Please keep a sharp eye on things through the holiday season – this is the prime time for inconvenient and uncomfortable stories to simply disappear! And you can bet the mainstream media is going to do everything it can not to cover this story – unless they decide to surprise us.

Also, please consider reading this post if you haven’t already  – a sum of all my content for the past two months! A similar round up for my podcasts is due post finals-season.