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Ice Age Alarmism in the 70s – Parallels with Global Warming Alarmism – PJMedia

This article from Zombie, one of my favorite PJMedia writers, is just too good not to share with you.

Not only does it have a huge link bomb of recent blows to man-made global warming theory, it succinctly addresses my problem with the global warming crowd – that of political exploitation AND neatly draws parallels from a ‘impending ice age’ book from the 70s that makes almost the exact same case and solutions as man-made global warming advocates today do!

Good case, good points, great evidence. I maintain that the leaders of the those who suggest extreme measures to combat global warming do so primarily as an excuse to mandate progressivism on all of us, as opposed to a genuine desire to save the planet. Their favored political ideology so conveniently presents a solution to this ‘problem’ and all those who oppose it are just stupid haters. No need to debate, no need to convince, we know what’s right and should just tell everyone what to do and throw a bunch of money to the third world! If no one listens we’re all DOOMED! — The 70’s. And today.

Be sure to read the scans from the book. The parallels borderline on the hilarious. And this serves as a great warning against any political message that uses doomsday rhetoric, hype, and outright belittling of their opposition as dumb as their primary debate tactics.