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December 2012 Updates

Hey folks!

I know, I’ve gone and done it again – a content drought. There’s easy explanations however.

FIRST: The End of the World Show at 8PM, december 21st, is a confirmed go. This has been scheduled for nearly 6 months, I cant back down! It’ll be a fun lighthearted show, I’ll yank out the prediction sheets from last January and we’ll make some collective judgement calls on who was an Idiot and who wasn’t.

Observant readers and listeners will note that I just bumped the show ahead a day – since I was silly and forgot exactly what day the world is supposed to end on. We can now properly dance together in the ashes on the correct day.

The Actual News: The current quarter at UCSD ended, and Tom and I were unable to run the last scheduled show of Invisible Voice season 2 owing to Finals Being Dumb. The other bit of actual news is that BOTH of my computers – the tower and the laptop – failed catastrophically within one day of each other. I’m currently using a borrowed cheap laptop. I’m in the midst of desperate repairs, and if all goes to plan I will have things fixed just in time for the podcast on Friday.

UPDATE: I did the first part of the show, then dove into Hour Two of Flyover’s show, which can be found here. A make-up show should be due some afternoon this next week.

Invisible Voice: There Was a Show, There Will Be a Show

Very quick update —

There WAS  a show last week! Sadly, work had stolen me away, but Tom stepped up and took the helm for the full two hours. I am currently processing the raw KSDT audio which you can find here. Show audio starts roughly five minutes in. I intend to upload slightly polished audio to BTR sometime this weekend, hopefully Sunday – I only have so much free time these days, so it will be a rough job.

There WILL be a show this coming Tuesday, in spite of me running a closing shift monday night. As usual. I’ll have it scheduled sometime tomorrow once I confirm a few things. Feel free to leave notes on this post as to suggestions, topic ideas, questions, and so on. We’re likely to get heavy on issues framing the realm of US politics and conservative vs. progressive ideology, so be warned!

Finally, friend-of-the-show FlyOverTerritory had a revival on the 29th – one I was very sorry to miss! The show kicks off roughly seven minutes in. Please give him a listen – strong broadcaster, has a nice, bristly style, and he pulls clips like almost no other show.

The listening stats on the last batch of shows continues to be incredibly heartening and disturbing. I can’t thank you lot enough, both for your time and patience. My living situation will be adjusting soon in a way that will allow me to throw more of myself into my craft – hopefully coming by the tail end of this holiday season. More details as they come – until then, enjoy the weekend.

No Invisible Voice this Week!

Well, I feel lame.

Last week, Tom was sick. This week – we’re both sick. So – sorry folks, no dice 😦

I can recommend Red Eye Radio instead – very intellectual show for one oriented towards late night truckers and workers, free podcast, three full hours of content from a condensed five hour show. Certainly worth the time.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and thanks for your continued listenership! The stats have been impressive lately – I just can’t force a thing, particularly when my boss has a nasty habit of scheduling me late monday nights and leaves me little time for sleep..

Soak The Rich

Want to try your hand at taxing your way to prosperity?

Have fun.

Hat tip to Instapundit

Expect to see more Sarah Hoyt reblogs in the future, if the tone of her commentary remains this strong. I’m not a big fan of defeatism, you shouldn’t be either.

According To Hoyt

If I say “I’m not a particularly political person” in front of my husband and kids, they’ll probably laugh so hard that they’ll break something.  And yet it’s true.

I’m not a particularly political person, though I am aware of and anxious about politics, because seeing a country slide into ever more leftist and dysfunctional regimes while the media covers up the results and attributes them to “bad luck” is one of those things one only cares to do once per life time.  So I have an obsession with the news (and these days blogs) and sometimes I can only work in front of the TV, if things are particularly iffy (the three months after 9/11.)

I’m not a particularly political person because I don’t think there is a one-size fits all political solution for every land.  I believe, by and large the United States constitution is the best way…

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Invisible Voice for November 13th, 2012

Listen here – Blog Talk Radio

or there – KSDT’s page

Show starts LIVE at 7am pacific! BTR link will take you to the archive a few minutes after the show ends at 9am.

Details forthcoming, as always, but I will drop this post here regarding the failure of Long Island to prepare for any big storm, really.


UPDATE: Tom is out sick today, so I am flying solo – which means I have to drop a few things in favor of focusing on the show above all else. This posting as well as the UCSD College Republicans page will be monitered for comments and questions. Issues linger with BTR chatbox, do not expect it to be monitored, much less run unless I indicate otherwise.

Sarah Hoyt’s take on the election, and a reminder that yes, national debt is a serious issue.

According To Hoyt

Today I’m going to come as close to political as I ever do in this blog.  You’ve been warned.  If it’s going to annoy you, you may leave now.

This election has swirled around a lot of crazy things, starting with “War on women” a concept that might as well have been invented by a Martian with no understanding of human psychology or anatomy.  I can just imagine the march on the women’s towns, guns blazing…  I can, unless I realize that most men love or at least like women, and that women are not an army of same-minded robots.  Then there was the war on Big Bird and finally the rather ridiculous injunction to vote for revenge – though what in heavens name requires revenge no one knows.  Of course human nature being what it is, all of us can come up with several reasons to seek revenge on…

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It Ain’t Over till the Fat Lady Sings, But…

Those are painful words to type, but I’m a mature person. If trends continue this will be a popular vote win for Romney and an electoral win for Obama, keeping him our president. You will not, by the way, see me calling for an overturn of the electoral college system and I very much discourage my ideological companions from touching that argument with a ten foot pole.

America losing touch with economic reality doesn’t change the economic reality facing this country. I’m frankly a little disappointed in my country tonight, but I will persevere.

Tom and I have some humble pie to chew into from today’s show in calling a landslide – perhaps we were picking up on the popular tally, perhaps we fell into the classic political junkie trap: We saw an amazingly strong case against Obama’s policies and stances, we saw so many instances where he outright lied, we’ve seen numerous scandals that colored him in a horrible light, and we just couldn’t see how people could not see those stories, take them to heart, and see that this nation needs a different course.

I’m not certain what this says specifically about the American electorate, but I can say one thing – it seems America’s historical problem of having to take a pounding before it turns around is again playing out before our eyes. We have an economic disaster on the horizon, period. It seems America has done an effective job of convincing itself that the problem is either too harrowing to contemplate or that the fed can happily print money with no consequences. The fantasy that federal money is free continues.

Obama owns the last four years. A large number of his major policy moves were offset to kick in after the election, and in 2014. I will say it again: America is insisting that it needs a sucker punch before it sees the light of day. Fine. It will come. But I will go on the record – this mess would not have been entirely diverted by Romney. Romney would have given us an emergency landing as opposed to a crash. It could have been side stepped. It could have been cushioned. Instead we’re apparently going to accelerate.

Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be rough ride. Remember: As a country, this is the path we’ve chosen.

And I will still not give up on my country.

I remain, as ever, an optimist. I do, however, despair that this nation is now stepping into a period of history where we have never been so sharply divided politically, and where a campaign oriented around shallow tactics managed to win with classic politics. Obama has always been a master politician, and it’s something I will never deny or contest about him.

I intend to remain active, and bite the bullet and march on. And unfortunately – for my family, this election has direct consequences on our lives, and we’ll be making a number of hard decisions soon. I imagine it’s the same way for many, many other Americans tonight.

I’m feeling much the same way I did when Justice Roberts made the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare. Conservatism as a movement in this country is being given an incredibly trying test. We will ultimately be stronger for it – but damn if it isn’t painful not seeing the ‘easy route’ pan out.

Things to Watch:

  • Benghazi
  • Precious Metals
  • The Federal Reserve (specifically Ben Bernanke)
  • Ripple effects of Obamacare solidfying sinking in over the next two weeks
  • Overall regulations via the EPA aimed at energy producers firing over next several months, particularly coal

More thoughts from Vodkapundit via PJM that I encourage all of you to read.

Update: Why on earth is THIS my 100th post? Talk about bitter tastes left in the mouth.

ALSO: This piece is linked in one of the instapundit links, but a qoute from a Bom Krumm piece is worth highlighting:

“We are an evenly divided nation between two irreconciable ideologies.  On the one side is the collectivist progressive who knows that by centralizing control in the hands of leaders empowered by special powers, that America will be a fairer place.  On the other side is the rugged individualist who knows that if he were freed of extraordinary restrictions that he could accomplish extraordinary things and that will make America a stronger place.

This is not a new conflict.  In fact, it’s the conflict that gave birth to our nation, when we left and England and an anointed elite behind.  But we didn’t leave it entirely behind.  And by degree, collectivism has returned.  For decades we have been able to paper over the differences between the two camps through the incredible surplusses that we have amassed.  But those surplusses are soon to come to an end.”

Additional Reading

I really ought to listen to myself more often. Sometimes. Back then I was very put off by Romney – my opinion on Romney the man has changed considerably since then.

Off to the Races: Who to Watch?

Soon, I will be scampering off to UCSD to burst into hysterics of some form or fashion over the preliminary results tonight. What bout you, dear readers?

I recommend tuning in to The Blaze. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial period and get some high quality election coverage from a pioneering internet network. Obviously this is a conservative network – but you know what you’re tuning into and frankly I’d rather not listen to Chris Matthew’s breathless 10,000 words per minute reporting on MSNBC.

Of course, you can take the sane option and simply break away from it all until tomorrow morning. Your blood pressure will likely thank you.

Breaking: Election is a the City of Notch

Dixville Notch in New Hampshire has reported their vote count, a remarkable tie with Barrack Obama pulling in five votes, and Mitt Romney pulling in…five votes.

Still waiting on word from the White House as to how the nation will respond to this developing, shocking crisis.