Off to the Races: Who to Watch?

Soon, I will be scampering off to UCSD to burst into hysterics of some form or fashion over the preliminary results tonight. What bout you, dear readers?

I recommend tuning in to The Blaze. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial period and get some high quality election coverage from a pioneering internet network. Obviously this is a conservative network – but you know what you’re tuning into and frankly I’d rather not listen to Chris Matthew’s breathless 10,000 words per minute reporting on MSNBC.

Of course, you can take the sane option and simply break away from it all until tomorrow morning. Your blood pressure will likely thank you.

About TheDougem

A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

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