December 2012 Updates

Hey folks!

I know, I’ve gone and done it again – a content drought. There’s easy explanations however.

FIRST: The End of the World Show at 8PM, december 21st, is a confirmed go. This has been scheduled for nearly 6 months, I cant back down! It’ll be a fun lighthearted show, I’ll yank out the prediction sheets from last January and we’ll make some collective judgement calls on who was an Idiot and who wasn’t.

Observant readers and listeners will note that I just bumped the show ahead a day – since I was silly and forgot exactly what day the world is supposed to end on. We can now properly dance together in the ashes on the correct day.

The Actual News: The current quarter at UCSD ended, and Tom and I were unable to run the last scheduled show of Invisible Voice season 2 owing to Finals Being Dumb. The other bit of actual news is that BOTH of my computers – the tower and the laptop – failed catastrophically within one day of each other. I’m currently using a borrowed cheap laptop. I’m in the midst of desperate repairs, and if all goes to plan I will have things fixed just in time for the podcast on Friday.

UPDATE: I did the first part of the show, then dove into Hour Two of Flyover’s show, which can be found here. A make-up show should be due some afternoon this next week.

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A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

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  1. Can we Skype you during it? Do you also have our predictions.

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