Mark Levin on the Immigration Bill

Mark Levin is one of the more fiery hosts on the AM dial, with a rather unique voice to boot. I haven’t always been a fan of his, but there are times where he makes excellent points — and much like Rodger Hedgecock, he leverages his audience to make things happen to pursue reform, which is something I wished more talk hosts did!

This monologue was spurred during a break, apparently, and not only is an excellent sum up of the primary fronts of this latest immigration amnesty push, but is an excellent example of great impromptu material.

Listen here.

Please listen to the whole thing.

Perhaps this sounds like overarching rhetoric, but the stats he cites regarding American’s general opinion on immigration reform aren’t made up. This bill still being drafted has been proven to be misleading, and much like Obamacare places an enormous amount of decision making powers into the hands of un-elected regulators. People, not equal treatment under the law, will be the decider behind whom gets favorable treatment or not under this new system, which further opens the door for unfettered political gamesmanship.

I have never been a proponent of amnesty because it spits in the face of every person who attempts to immigrate to the US legally and rewards flagrant lawbreaking. A surge of millions of new american citizens at a time when the economy is so fragile and unemployment is chronically high is going to do a great deal of harm and overburden the system. No-one wins including the new citizens — only the politicians reap what they think will be a bountiful harvest of new voters.

This is the only thing this bill is about for the political class. New voters. Democrats want a horde of new democrat voters to tilt the scale even further in their favor. The Republican establishment is tired of dealing with the tea party and their supporters, and thinks that throwing Hispanics a bone will win them voters because that’s the “moderate” thing to do. Rather than focus on reforming their party, they just want to play to demagoguery. Worked out really well back in the Reagan years, didn’t it? (it didn’t. hispanic share of vote for Republicans DECLINED in the wake of the Reagan amnesty).

This bill will be a disaster. Mark Levin puts great voice to why. This is by design. To quote a line referenced frequently by Instapundit, “They’ll turn us all into beggars ’cause they’re easier to please”

Yes, there’s quite a bit else happening right now. But this should get more attention.

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