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Link of the Day: PJMedia – Our Benevolent Marxist Masters

Because sometimes others say it better. And just because I’m on hiatus doesn’t mean I can’t sprinkle interesting articles and opinions here and there!

Our Benevolent Marxist Masters

A snippet:

 Mr. Lew believes himself in a position to be able to judge how much of their own money the taxed “need,” and should therefore be allowed to keep. Ayn Rand encapsulated this attitude in section 2, chapter 4 of Atlas Shrugged:

Who is the public? What does it hold as its good? There was a time when men believed that “the good” was a concept to be defined by a code of moral values and that no man had the right to seek his good through the violation of the rights of another. If it is now believed that my fellow men may sacrifice me in any manner they please for the sake of whatever they believe to be their own good, if they believe that they may seize my property simply because they need it – well, so does any burglar. There is only this difference: the burglar does not ask me to sanction his act.

Nor does he cloak his burglary in the faux language of “reasonableness” and “fairness” and “moderation” and “balanced approach.”

This is one of the pitfalls on the road of progressivism – or pretty much any totalitarian leaning state. If those deeming what is “right” and “good” operate on a moral code that only -they- define (Man being the ultimate judge of man in lieu of a God or Ideal) this is the kind of mindset that is invited.

A Canadian Conservative Discusses Conservatism

Just as the title says. A piece from a canadian university newspaper – since apparently the voting audience wants more Canada!

I know, it’s not cool to throw out an outside story and run – it’s still midterms week, I’ve been under the weather, and work has ramped up a bit 😦 So no podcast tonight, I’m afraid! However! I’m going to aim for either Sunday or Wednesday before resuming the normal Friday night schedule.

More updates and postings to come as I have time!

Poll: Content Direction for the Next Few Weeks

I’m just gonna leave this here for a little while. Creative and interesting responses are also an option. Scroll down for the latest articles!

This poll will close on the 5th. Thanks guys!

Testing post – Embedding BTR Shows using BTR – SC for 1/6/2012

THIS is a test. If it works you’ll have the podcast BAM right there, and I’ll be doing this much more often. Check here for remarks concerning the show.

Although I will say here, right now – this show is a major milestone in that it had 42 live listeners, smashing the old record of 21 for the “Osama is Dead” show. The GOP nomination is a hot topic, and you can bet it will be addressed in articles on the blog before too long!

This show is also significant in that it has my first troll caller. A dubious honor to be sure.

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Tactical Experiment – US vs. Canada

Me and Dougem are both historical/tactical junkies (at least, I think he is) Anyway, I thought we should have a debate, on the subject of a theoretical war.

This war would have the USA attempting an invasion of my native Canada, where the commonwealth, France, and Germany all jump in on Canada’s side. Leaving out the improbability of such a war, who do you think would win? The circumstances are current, with current leaders. Due to the politics of the situation, no chemical or nuclear weapons are involved. Remember, America is trying to invade Canada, not annhiliate it.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. If you have any disagreements with the posters, post a rebuttal. we’ll see where this goes.

Consider this a loose thought experiment for now. The most interesting tacticians among you will get guest posted in this series. I’ll share my take on a day or so — Ed

UPDATE: Also apparently editing from the phone makes funny things happen. Oopsie.

Skeptic Conservative 12!

The first post-finals Skeptic Conservative podcast!

Photos referenced in the show

Agenda items:

1) The Occupy Movement

  • Dispersed in LA
  • Occupy San Diego acting up again
  • Western Port Occupations on the 13th?

2) Obama’s Speech

  • Analysis, maybe audio
  • How many aneurisms will TheDougem have by the end of the show?

3) Gunrunner

  • Further developments
  • Hey, I called this back in March!

4) Fall of Herman Cain and the GOP Field

  • It all sucks, doesn’t it?
  • Who can I support now?

5) Glenn Beck December 8th Announcement + your calls!


Good article by the WSJ

I thought I should share this with all of you real quick before I take off for the day.

Bush’s Real Sin was Winning in Iraq

I am very unhappy with the initial conduct of the war, but I really feel things have turned around.

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