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Universal Health Care, ObamaCare, and Modern Society

Another guest posting. Enjoy, and if you haven’t already please consider voting on the poll here! Thanks! -Doug

Hi. Canadian here again. Doug graciously let me do another essay/article/blog post/whatever the heck this is. (I would deem this an editorial – Doug) Thanks Doug!
So, health care. This is possibly one of the foundations of a functioning society. It’s vitally important (for obvious reasons). But –

There is a catch. Why the heck is it so darn expensive? Medical care is extremely costly. The fees have kept some from getting treatment, and driven others to bankruptcy. This is, of course, a huge problem. How can it be fixed?

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Tactical Experiment – US vs. Canada

Me and Dougem are both historical/tactical junkies (at least, I think he is) Anyway, I thought we should have a debate, on the subject of a theoretical war.

This war would have the USA attempting an invasion of my native Canada, where the commonwealth, France, and Germany all jump in on Canada’s side. Leaving out the improbability of such a war, who do you think would win? The circumstances are current, with current leaders. Due to the politics of the situation, no chemical or nuclear weapons are involved. Remember, America is trying to invade Canada, not annhiliate it.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. If you have any disagreements with the posters, post a rebuttal. we’ll see where this goes.

Consider this a loose thought experiment for now. The most interesting tacticians among you will get guest posted in this series. I’ll share my take on a day or so — Ed

UPDATE: Also apparently editing from the phone makes funny things happen. Oopsie.