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Link of the Day: PJMedia – Our Benevolent Marxist Masters

Because sometimes others say it better. And just because I’m on hiatus doesn’t mean I can’t sprinkle interesting articles and opinions here and there!

Our Benevolent Marxist Masters

A snippet:

 Mr. Lew believes himself in a position to be able to judge how much of their own money the taxed “need,” and should therefore be allowed to keep. Ayn Rand encapsulated this attitude in section 2, chapter 4 of Atlas Shrugged:

Who is the public? What does it hold as its good? There was a time when men believed that “the good” was a concept to be defined by a code of moral values and that no man had the right to seek his good through the violation of the rights of another. If it is now believed that my fellow men may sacrifice me in any manner they please for the sake of whatever they believe to be their own good, if they believe that they may seize my property simply because they need it – well, so does any burglar. There is only this difference: the burglar does not ask me to sanction his act.

Nor does he cloak his burglary in the faux language of “reasonableness” and “fairness” and “moderation” and “balanced approach.”

This is one of the pitfalls on the road of progressivism – or pretty much any totalitarian leaning state. If those deeming what is “right” and “good” operate on a moral code that only -they- define (Man being the ultimate judge of man in lieu of a God or Ideal) this is the kind of mindset that is invited.