September 11th – Eleven Years Later

Something short and simple for today. Work demands leave me with very little time to do a thorough reflection, so instead –

Red State Contributer Dan McLaughlin on his personal experience.

My Osama Bin Laden is Dead podcast, where I take the time to expand on my feelings regarding the day during the show.

One final recommendation, after some thoughts.

This day is never easy for me. Without going into too much detail, I had a family member who worked in the upper floors of World Trade 7. He and his floor evacuated and got out of harms way, but we didn’t get full confirmation until about halfway through the day. I remember waking up as a kid that morning and seeing a double picture of the pentagon and World Trade 1 & 2 in flames. I was in Middle School. I remember being struck by how most of my friends had no clue what was happening – or were talking about the event like it was an interesting football game they had watched the night before. A nonchalance.

September 11th has had a profound influence on my life and worldview. I firmly believe that it was my generation’s Pearl Harbor. The world changed that day, for better or for worse.

Whatever you think about that day, however close or distant you are to what took place – I would strongly encourage you to watch the entire documentary I have linked below, called ‘102 Minutes that Changed America’. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – a true blessing of our times is just how integrated technology is in our lives. When monumental events take place, there are hundreds, even thousands of people with a camera, a cell phone, a tape recorder, any number of things that enable them to capture their perspective of events.

It allows us to see the world through their eyes and ears as events unfolded. I know there are people out there who encourage us to move on, forget 9/11, stop making such a big deal about it. I hate to be blunt, but when one sees rational individuals leaping to their obvious death, and hears the impacts of their bodies on hard concrete hundreds of feet below, it’s not something that fades easy. It shouldn’t. America was attacked on 9/11. Good people died horrific deaths and suffered in ways that is impossible to describe or imagine. I’m not saying that we should obsess – but we owe it to the dead and the families of those affected to be in tune with what they went through.

Watch the below when you have time and the chance. Please take a little time to reflect, today.


God Bless.


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