Supreme Court and the EPA: Interesting Developments — Hot Air

Quick note: apologies if some of you just got bombarded by massive OMG STUFF GOT PUBLISHED spam. That was me un censoring my website.

This piece of audio comes from Hot Air, worth a look as it could have far reaching implications for styles of government regulation and enforcement in this country. The specific case is Sackett v EPA. Link and commentary…after the jump.

Justice Samual Alito, others grill EPA’s Mr. Stewart

In sum, the EPA seems to enjoy the ability to not only dictate costly action t0 property owners but also to deny them a day in court to contest the EPA’s claims, a clear violation of due process. It’s easy to see why this is a sweet deal for the EPA…and no one else. This is bad enough that it’s uniting the court once again, much like the previous court case regarding the government’s desire to regulate employment in religious institutions. That case drew a highly rare 9-0 decision and multiple, strong opinions countering the government’s case.

We could see that happen again here. I’ll let you folks know, and may even break down some of the opinions once all is said and done.

Remember, what is at issue here is NOT environmentalism, it’s overreach by a government agency that wishes to circumvent existing procedures in order to minimize its personal accountability.

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