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The Government’s Sensible, Mature, Well Reasoned Response to Criticism of the Embassy Attack

Via Instapundit.


What is there to say? This is childish. Stupid. Asinine. On one hand they treat us like babies and lie to us, and on the other they get offended when they get challenged by legitimate questions.

This incident has really ticked me off. There’s just something about arrogance that works so -well- on that front.

One more thing worth sharing – Pat Condell released a youtube video a few days ago with a strongly worded response to muslim outrage. Worth a watch. I wouldn’t go as far as he does since I criticize primarily radical Islam, but the man makes great points.


In happier news, 2nd season of Invisible Voice is CONFIRMED, we think it will be Tuesday mornings, and we will have one or two more people on the team which will make a tremendous difference production wise. ETA first-second week of October.