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GOP Field – Does Santorum have the Wrong Mindset? – Roger Hedgecock

Hey folks! The next few days or so will be a bit busy, so I won’t be writing -as- much for this. I will be writing…papers for school. Hooray! I have NOT forgotten my que or ongoing discussions, never fear. I just have to bump things around when time gets short.

However, I’ll still be absorbing the news and sharing the occasional stand-out story, such as this one Rodger Hedgecock did where he interviewed Rick Santorum and did research on his background and experience. Remarks that stood out especially were ones regarding just how Rick Santorum would try to achieve his goals, an area Santorum is weak in and a significant one.

Rodger Hedgecock is one of the best out there when it comes to researching candidates and issues. This just may be changing my lukewarm attitude towards Santorum in comparison to the other. How about you?

Happy MLK day!