To All Those Mad As Hell about the Zimmerman Case —

Please for the love of all that is good and holy:


Article includes several myth debunkings and links to several more. Some critical things to keep in mind about this trial:

  • Racism was not involved. This is supported by an FBI inquiry.
  • When Zimmerman was told “we don’t need you to do that” by the police dispatcher, he replies “ok”. 90 seconds of conversation follow, the start of which  Trayvon is nowhere to be seen and is effectively disengaged from the initial confrontation.
  • The prosecution’s job was to prove 2nd degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt, not introduce doubt into the self defense theory which was essentially their trial strategy.
  • Following someone suspicious, contrary to popular belief, is not illegal and does not, by itself,  justify the followee committing assault.

The amount of willful ignorance about this trial is mind blowing. As mentioned on the show (Part 1, part 2), it seems this explosion of fury is people latching onto their precious narrative because they so badly want it to be true. If you’re upset about the verdict, have an actual reason beyond baseless speculation! This trial has been talked and analyzed to death, yet the narrative orienting almost entirely around bad reporting and outright lies somehow is dominating the popular sphere at the moment. It’s unbelievable. Hit these people with facts and you get called racist or ‘pro zimmerman’ or they simply laugh at you. Nevermind the rule of law or the basic human right to self defense.

If they were so concerned about human lives being lost they would get this upset over the 61 murders that took place in Chicago during the trial itself. Why these activists are so fixated on repelling ‘stand your ground’, which has nothing to do with this case, blows my mind. What is there to be gained by removing a powerful tool that allows people to defend themselves from violence? 

Bonus reading: The Marissa Alexander Case. Because somehow this got revived and, again, the facts are being bent to support the Almighty Narrative.

Update: In case you’re wondering why this matters, this is the kind of thing incitement leads to. As well as vague, aimless ‘we gotta do something’ protests.

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9 Responses to “To All Those Mad As Hell about the Zimmerman Case —”

  1. Hi!!!

    I like your Internet Article, but PSSST: you might want to change the spelling in your header to status QUO. I am NOT a spelling Nazi, and I would not have pointed this out, except for the fact that it is in your blog heading, where it will show up on every post. Plus,you can delete this comment if you want, and I will leave a new one later.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    • Wow. I’m a moron!

      Nah, I won’t hide your comment. I find it pretty funny I let that error stand for ALMOST THREE YEARS. Will be corrected sometime tonight!

  2. I’m staying with “Typical U.S. Controversy” and not caring really. Here most of the news coverage about the result of the case in the beginning was Florida man acquitted of all charges in murder of 17 year old.

    • Normally nobody should have cared. This should have been a quiet, slam dunk self defense case and left at that. But it wasn’t.

      It’s important at the moment in the US only since it’s being used by dishonest interests as a rallying cry for…Stuff!

      Which normally wouldn’t matter, but in this case it’s revealing that there are a group of people out there who have a considerable amount of pent up rage over a warped view of race relations. And now it may lead to a push for national policy that would ultimately result in rights being taken away and an aggravating of the problem.

      Not just race relations either — a loud, shameless embracing of being proud of being ignorant. Can’t really think of a way to put it nicely. These folks want free license to march up to my face, spew their speculation, and have me not just quietly nod but validate it. They don’t want a debate, they want to lecture. It’s not an attractive way to advocate for anything. This post is me venting a little; I’ve had to personally deal with a few people who are risking friendships over me contesting their fantasy version of events.

      Red Eye Radio 7/16 Hour 2 — I don’t know how Eric and Gary have the patience to handle these callers. It starts getting real bad towards the end of the last hour. This same attitude is brought to just about any heated issue you can think of in American politics. Far too typical.

  3. Well, this stuff has gone on far enough now that common sense will never prevail. One reason is, that liberal Democrats are consummate race baiters. And OH, is a dead black “infant” some juicy bait.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. This won’t be the end of it.
    Sure, Zimmerman may have the facts on his side, but he doesn’t have the president. Obama has been a Trayvon supporter from the beginning, and I don’t believe he will stop now.

  5. One more thing will I be able to comment on the next show? This time there was no option to post comments during the show.

    • We’re still trying to figure out lingering technical issues, so I can’t give a solid yes or no. There’s a lot of wrangling happening behind the scenes, so it’s a matter of balancing priorities.

      • Well the player actually works well now so there is an upside I just went on the website and hit play instead of trying for 10 minutes.

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