April 2013 Announcements; Boston Attacks Mention

Alright folks, I DESPISE doing announcement posts but it’s necessary, given that I’ve gotten a number of people interested in my work as I have been merging from one job to another.


First: I know, I’m slow getting things started again. Life always takes priority, but thankfully that attitude is bearing fruit as I type this. I am shifting jobs and my future is looking increasingly more in my control then it did just a few months ago. The apartment has been moved into, I have gotten a few pieces of equipment, and I am in the midst of letting some budget milestones get struck along with putting all my energy into training for my new job. (high expectations, but a great company. It’ll be worth the effort and focus.) I will share what I am able to when appropriate. I need to clarify a few legal liability issues.

Second: My goal is in roughly two weeks to begin at the very least twice-once weekly Dougem Quicktake shows. Mixture of explaining philosophy and addressing current events. The bombings in Boston and the surrounding crap have thrown a wrench into these plans, particularly as the story has developed. I have a lot I want to say about the attacks but they must wait for now.

Third: A heavy round of spring cleaning is necessary on my content. Don’t worry — I will not be deleting posts unless there are any I feel are completely worthless (old announcements and the like.) Old formatting errors, defunct content, etc. I want my work to stand polished, and it will help get me back into blogger mode. It may take awhile, this is something I’ll chip away at for a few months. Until I mention otherwise consider any information on here potentially out of date or incorrect!


I know, I was over ambitious with my last post. I usually am with my plans, but always with the caveat of no promises. At least until I actually am completely financially independent. That time table I laid out is still very realistic once I pull the trigger on the first step, and that is going to wait until my training for the new job is done, sometime mid/late May.

Regarding Boston:

History was made last week. Never before has such a monumental crisis played out live via social media, police scanners, and traditional media. I was among those listening to the Boston police scanner while watching updates roll in via twitter feeds and reddit information compilation threads along with the occasional dose of The Blaze radio network. It was incredible in terms of the implications to the power and influence of old media vs. new media, and in terms of the average joe schmuck’s influence in critical events.

This story is not over.

As I have maintained to those who have asked me in person, there is a layer to the events in Boston that we the public haven’t been told yet — at least officially — by our government. As to what this could be or the implications, I am holding my piece but I encourage you to investigate on your own. Ignore the obvious conspiracy theories; as the saying goes the real conspiracy theories are the ones that hide in plain sight. This isn’t Bilderburgs, New World Order types, or lizard people — just simple international corruption, graft, influence peddling and cover-your-ass tactics that can, have, and will get people killed for the sake of placating certain interests and promoting political correctness.

The Boston attacks showed us that the American people are still a brave people. Many people ran toward the blasts in the immediate aftermath, and despite horrific injuries the death toll stands at a mere three people when it should arguably be a dozen or more, thanks in no small part to quick action and advanced medicine. While I am saddened to see the flag once again flying at half mast, I am proud of my countrymen and thankful for those who offer their support and thoughts to the people of Boston.

As always, remain skeptical, take nothing for granted, and continue to pay attention. And for heaven’s sake shun cable TV news media — they do not deserve your time or money.

About TheDougem

A budding writer and amateur podcaster, TheDougem has been an active presence on the internet for roughly four years in various mediums including livestreaming, youtube, blogtalkradio, and others. An avid fan of strategy games, discussing current events and conservative philosophy, as well as a bit of storytelling on the side.

One Response to “April 2013 Announcements; Boston Attacks Mention”

  1. Amazing, I hope to get content form you soon. I’m just glad you want to keep us in the loop. I wouldn’t rule out lizard people, they are behind everything, and they are slippery creatures.

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