Media – The Fourth Branch of Government

An issue that’s been addressed before but never -really- fleshed out in depth on my part.

Red State offers a great summation of the latter end of this campaign season.

“The feedback loop between the Democrats and the media has pushed the Democrats well outside the mainstream and I believe there is a silent majority looking at this festival of the bizarre in Charlotte in absolute revulsion. They hear “fair share” and cringe. They hear Bill Clinton ask if people are better off than they were four years ago and are shocked the Democrats yell back “yes.” “

The democrats have gone off the deep end in a number of ways – and their tactical calculus has basically been ‘The American people are stupid and won’t notice’. Their campaign orients around connecting with the lightly informed voter – but it seems every week they do something else that amounts to overreaching heavily.

The DNC essentially booing God and Israel is important, as is their embrace of a radical stance on abortion. They’re getting their base -drooling-. Everyone else? Not so much.

I’ve had this impression outlined in the article for a long while now – if a hard backlash doesn’t happen this election, it almost certainly will down the road.

Expect the media on election night – if it turns in Romney’s favor as I’m daring to hope! To come out “shocked” and “surprised” about Romney’s “unexpected” victory and lambast about how they never saw it coming.


Hat tip to Instapundit for sharing the article. Seriously, you guys ought to look at it at least once a day.

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One Response to “Media – The Fourth Branch of Government”

  1. Funny thing about that…
    Early this morning I watched a sort of documentary/editorial put out by CNN. Now, I sort of knew that this documentary (I’m going to call it that for convenience) was going to be somewhat of a farce, but I expected them to at least try. What I ended up finding was that the documentary had few if any criticisms of the president, and seemed to take the tone “Obama was the best leader ever. Please ignore everything negative ever said about him. Also, if you elect him for four more years, he’s going to make your life the bestest life ever. Also, those nasty Republicans are to blame for all America’s problems”
    I probably went a little far there mself, but it’s frustrating that the media won’t even attempt to say that any criticism of the president has any shred of proof. Maybe I’m just naive.

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