DNC: We All Belong to Government

Before I say another word:

DNC shows video celebrating the concept of belonging to government

Read, watch, and absorb for a minute. The whole thing!

Of course we know the video meant the phrase in the sense of belonging to a group – but note the reactions of the interviewed, and the broader mindset at play.

Democrats (not all, we’re talking the extreme here) have been criticized in the past for treating government almost like a religion. That’s certainly debatable – but looking at the DNC so far, it seems that the average politically active democrat is enthusiastic about big government and the concept of the good of the collective.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but as this editorial points out – the Democrat party has gone off the deep end of promising almost everything to everybody, the pricetag be damned.

Ron Radosh explains the problem with that better then I can – but I’ll give my own nutshell that I’ve repeated here, and on the podcast may many times:

Entitlements don’t mean a thing if the economy collapses. If you throw more fuel (spending) on this country’s fire (severe debt) expecting the fire to go out – it will go out by burning itself out. (hyper inflation/dollar collapse). The current spending of this nation is simply unsustainable. Period. Lip service on cuts and increasing taxes is not going to solve the problem. This is a spending problem above -anything- else.

That the democrat party seems to be content with pretending that all they have to do is play cut throat politics and all will be well is obscene. They have to know how bad the problem is – and either they don’t care, or they only care that their party is in control of the country when the collapse happens.

Republicans are hardly saints in this picture either, but they demonstrate a far better grasp of the issues at hand. They certainly treat the American people much more like adults. I get the impression from the DNC that they just want to whisper sweet nothings in our collective ears and have us stare transfixed at various shiny strawmen.

Yes, I’m just a weeee bit cranky. It’ll be a fun rest of the election season, folks!

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  1. Where is that guy from who narrates the video his accent is funny?

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